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Black History month

2nd edition

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Icons of Black History

Martin luther king jr.jpg

Dr Martin Luther King Jr was an activist of the Civil Rights movement. Doctor King believed in peaceful protest geared from his Christian faith. His "I have a dream speech" is one of the most famous speeches that he gave. He was a college student at the age of 15. He was born January 15, 1929 and  assassinated April 4, 1968.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Garrett Morgan.jpg

Garrett Morgan was an inventor. He invented the Safety Hood in 1916 that helped saved two men in a fire and he also invented the 3 way traffic stop light in 1923 that we use every day so traffic will flow smoothly. He also invented the gas mask as well. Born March 4, 1877- July 27, 1963

Garrett Morgan


Mary Kenner had invented the sanitary pads and the sanitary belt which helps women to keep their pads in place while moving around. She also had five patents under her belt. Along beside her sister, they created the toilet paper holder. Mary Kenner was borned May 17, 1912- January 13, 2006

Mary Kenner

grandville woods.jpeg

Granville Woods self taught himself electrical work in which helped him to build the first synchronous multiplex railway telegraph so that train stations and the moving can communicate with each other. He also invented the incubator. He also had a hand in the invention of the telephone. Granville was borned April 23, 1856- January 30,1910.

Granville Woods


Dr. Patricia Bath was the 1st black women to complete a residency in 1973 in ophthalmology. She was the 1st female faculty member at UCLA's Department of Ophthalmology in 1975. Dr. Bath is also the 1st African American women doctor that received a medical patent in 1988 for her invention of the Laserphaco probe for cataract treatment in 1986. Borned: November 4, 1942- May 30, 2019.

Dr. Patricia Bath


Marie Van Brittan Brown is the inventor of the CCTV. Marie and her husband worked together on this project with Marie being the lead. Closed-circuit television, invented during WWII for military usage and but not nationwide. The Browns proposed to market to homeowners for the first modern home security system that was patent in 1966 but wasn't approved until 3 years later. When that was finally approved they elaborate on home security system but it was ahead of its time and they never got paid for it. 

Borned: October 22, 1922- Febrary 2, 1999.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

George Washington Carver.jpeg

George Washington Carver is well-known for the inventor of the peanut butter. He also invented other things such as milk, paper, cooking oil among other things. *People never knew his actual bday just the year. He is buried next to Booker T. Washington in the Tuskegee Institute grounds. Borned: 1864- January 5, 1943

George Washington Carver

Daniel Hale Williams.jpeg

Daniel Hale Williams was the first African American that had founded the first non-segregated hospital in the United States named Provident hospital in 1891. Daniel was also the first African American to perform a successful open-heart surgery in 1893. Borned: January 18, 1858- August 4, 1931.

Daniel Hale Williams 

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