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4th Annual Adopt a Family and Adopt a Senior

This year Queen Butterflies LLC will be launching the 4th Annual Adopt a Family and Adopt a Senior program for the Christmas holiday. There has been some changes to the program this year. The Adopt a Family and Adopt a Senior program along with Feed the Homeless and Senior grocery giveaways will be now organized by Cene It Thrive non-profit organization. based also out of Detroit, Michigan.

Cene It Thrive is named after Francine Charleston aka Cene. Her family started these programs right after her transition in October of 2019 so in the memory of their loved one which has now turned into a non-profit in honor of the late Francine, her family goal is to continue with her legacy of helping people in need within her community and create more programs that can make their community a better and safer place. Ms. Cene loved the children and senior citizens, she would do anything she could to help them whether it was to give her time, a couple dollars, a ride, a meal, etc because the list goes on and on with the unlimited priceless gifts she would give to others,

The application link for people to apply to be adopted will be available on October 1, 2023. Also an app has been created for you to download onto your phone to keep up with the things that this organization is doing in the community and how you may donate and help in any way that you can.

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