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Is customer service alive or dead

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Have you ever had to call the cellphone company or the electric company to ask some questions and the customer service representative interrupted you and try to answer your question without you finishing or you asking a question and they still want to tell you what you owe? Have you went to a restaurant and the food you ordered was wrong in some sort of way? That makes you upset because you as the customer, your request or question wasn't heard correctly. Have you called a company and they answer putting you on hold without giving you a chance to say hello back? I believe that great customer service is making sure that you listen to the customer efficiently with a smile so that the customer will be satisfied. With my businesses that I run, I make sure that I listen to my customers (clients) about what they want so I can efficiently make sure that they have the best experience with my company and I. However, as of lately to me I felt that customer service is dead until I went on to order my new planner for the year.

Last year I had ordered some personalized planners from a young lady so of course I wanted to go back to her for the new ones. I'm the type of person that if your services and stuff was good, I will patronized you again in the future. Unfortunately the young lady was unavailable to take new orders so I continue to look through people profiles, reading reviews and stuff. So I ran across this young lady that did customized planners for around the same price I paid before somewhere else. She was rated 5 stars continuous from many other people. I read the reviews and they was very good so with that I decided to move forward and purchase my new planner. She asks you what pics you want on the cover and what colors etc. Like whatever you wanted you could request it of course within reason. I have four businesses and I wanted my planner this year to reflect the accomplishments that I have successful started and maintained as a Black business woman...a Queen.

When I submitted my order she returned a message in less than 24 hours and the opening message was warming from the beginning. I sent the pics I wanted on there and free will to be creative. You ask why free will for the creativity? She is the creator of her business so I wanted her to use her skills with implementing my pics. She kept me in the loop of the whole process with what was going on with my planner and she would send me a draft of how it looked to see if I was satisfied with it. The first draft I wanted something changed so she did it without a problem and rapidly. I didn't have to wait days, it was no more than an a hour or so when she sent me another draft with them changes. She stayed professional and polite. I had another suggestion and she received it without a problem and sent me another draft with the new changes. It was perfect. She listened to me as a customer and because of that I don't feel that great customer service is still dead. Her name is Vik VarWoo on Etsy and here is her link She sells many other things besides planners but personalization is her craft. I know I will be using her again. Did I tell you that shipping was fast and it came with a small treat.

*The planner she made for me is the picture of this article*

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