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Happy New Year

This is the time of the year where people make promises to change something in their life or to do something different, in layman's terms, 'New Year's resolutions'. Some make promises of working out, eat differently, party less, stop drinking, stop smoking and the list goes on and on. I believe that we all have been there. Some people as have rituals they do every year to bring them prosperity such as cooking black eyed peas or putting greens in the freezer or even going to church.

I call these to be 'false promises' because after a month or so, they will not consume you further. Instead of making these false promises to yourself try a different method so that you can really achieve what you want to accomplish in life. Yes it does take commitment and dedication but you also have to pace yourself and plan wisely so that you will not be overwhelmed. Start by purchasing you a customized calendar. The reason why I say a personalized one, is because you can base it off what inspires you for motivation. Then you will start writing down what you want to accomplish on a weekly bases, monthly bases, every three months up to six months. I would say stop at six months to reevaluate where you are with your goals without being overwhelmed to achieve them. However, for each goal that you trying to achieve, write down what it takes to achieve this goal(s). Do not forget to incorporate 'self-time'. Date yourself once a month by pampering yourself, massage, take yourself out to eat by yourself; just spend time with yourself.


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