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Power of the Tongue

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I just had a rather disturbing epiphany. As I sit here, working on my laptop, I thought to myself, what if I suddenly, just out of nowhere, lose my voice and ability to talk/speak/communicate? I realize just how powerful our voices really are. Could you imagine trying to respond to someone, but no sounds or words came out? And there was nothing that you could do to bring your voice back, no matter how many home remedies you try. Then I thought about how so much happens in our lives each and every day, and we never speak on the things that can bring us true healing. I think about the true leaders of our time, whose most powerful weapon was their voice. Our voices are so important, and there are more systems being put in place to silence humanity and take away our rights to live freely. From social media and it’s strict censorship guidelines, to being cancelled for shedding light on issues that society fights to keep hidden. The scariest part of us losing our voices, is them being taken away without our knowledge or warn thereof. It is time that we speak out on issues about systems that fail us, on speaking our own truths and not allowing the world to label 🏷️ us, and having the right to say No without having to make a choice out of fear. There is Power in our tongues. We must learn how to speak life into our selves and others. We must speak out and speak up for what we believe in.

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