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Money Overflow

During this time of the pandemic, the government and other sources have gave out large sums of money to the people. Benefits for food stamps have doubled if not; tripled. The kids now have their own separate Bridge/EBT cards. What is being done with this money? What are you doing with yours? Did you start a legitimate business? Do you have life insurance policies for your loves and yourself? Did you pay off any debts to try to raise your credit score? Did you buy a house (finance or buy right out)? Did you rent or buy a property for that store front you said you wanted? Did you clear your traffic tickets? Right now you have an overflow of free money right now so why not use the free money as a building block to your future of financial freedom. You see people all over the internet stating to not be receiving anything. What we don't see is people encouraging you to get in front of the money.

There are ways to change that. Think about something that you have the passion to do, how awesome you would be at it and how good it would feel. Imagine birthing a business and generating wealth from your passion! A revolving door where you can create generational wealth for your love ones to benefit from long after you. The fact is that some people just don't want to get paid for a skill or run a business. However, there are tons of investments for one to make. There are ways to flip your money. Invest in yourself. Invest in your family. Invest in your community. It doesn't matter if you have $100.00 or $100,000.00. You can still invest into something to increase your capital.

It's not always about the nice car, the big house, jewelry, etc; but it should be about stability for your love ones and yourself. Turn those dreams of yours into a reality. What do you have to lose by betting on yourself? So while this over-flow of money is being given, take advantage. Use it for elevation for your future family lifeline, so therefore the struggles that you may have went through........well I can only speak for myself on this one. Maybe there is a reader out there who can feel where i'm going. I don't ever want my struggles to be afflicted onto my kids. Such as dealing with financial debt from student loans, a mortgage, or having to budget just to get by. Wondering if they are going to lose their job because there is a layoff coming or just because someone doesn't like them for any reason. Nope, I didn't want my children to be afflicted with those things so I got my stuff together. It's a lifelong commitment. I now constantly invest into building my company and thinking about different ways I can grow. I love to help people if I can. I hope that giving a little of me along with a little advice helps one of you readers. (not saying I'm a professional, this is just my opinion and my story.) Maybe someone can relate and be assisted by my words. Heck, I'm trying to find something for my children to do, LOL.

Make this overflow of money a stepping stone to increase your stability. For you, your future and your future generations to come.

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