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Check ups are important

When the last time you have had a check up? Getting a check up on your health can help detect if something is wrong. I know some people are scared of going to the doctor, especially men. Not to point fingers but men do not like to go to the doctor especially when it come to taking a prostate test. Do you also know that getting your mouth checked is also apart of health management. Sometimes when your mouth is not in order it can cause other health issues.

I come from a family that cancer in all areas is not off limits. I don't mean one side of my parents but on both sides of my parents so you would think that my chances are greater. In October of 2005 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was experiencing so much pain on one side that I knew was not normal. Being 25 years old, just giving birth to a baby a year prior that had health issues from birth to this, was very overwhelming. I was scared! I panicked with the news, I remember going to my grandmother like the world was over but I remember her saying to me, 'it's not over until God calls you home so you fight'. They gave me an option of having surgery by a robot to remove all the cells with a laser however the doctor told me that eventually it will come back and I would have to have a hysterectomy and to have as many children I want until then. For almost two years straight, I had to get a pap smear every month to ensure that all the cancerous cells was completely gone. Three years later I had my daughter.

I always make sure that my family and children keep up on their check ups in all areas because you never know. Your body can be very tricky sometimes. I have lost my grandma (both sides), uncles (both sides), aunties (both sides), Mother and Father to some form of cancer. In 2017, the doctor felt something in my left breast so off to get a mammogram at the age of 37, 'ain't this a test for older women', my thought being a little naive. I went to have the mammogram done and the lump she felt was not cancerous. Thank God. However, when I went to the doctor for my pap smear, there was a cyst on my ovaries again, but they was so small that they disbursed on their own. So now we here at 2022, I have not had any scares in a minute until I began to be uncomfortable trying to sleep. My breast was feeling heavy and tender to the touch. It was time for my annual pap smear. Here we are again the doctor felt something, off the get another mammogram I go. Im not knowing that they change that you have to get a mammogram every year like a pap smear, when I last got one, it was every 3-5 years . Thank God that the mass was not cancerous again.

I know it is a scary thought to just think that something is wrong with the body and scared to find out however it could not be anything. In my case, I have gained so much weight during the pandemic that my breast also gained weight and that's why I have more tissue in my breast which causes uncomfortableness. Make your appointments and go. Get checked even if you don't have no signs of something being wrong. Now, if you are having some problems, please go get checked asap. Don't wait until it get worst! See early detection can help prevent unwanted and further issues. When I make my appointments, I try to make them all around the same time (physical, pap, eye and teeth). I also select one to two months for all my appointments that way I remember each year that these are the months I have my appointments. I also know that sometimes the doctors offices be booked especially around 'going back to school time'. Try to schedule before then. I do mines between May and August because this is when people are on vacations. Another way you can book your appointment is by making them at least 3-6 months in advance. So please go get checked out on the regular because early detection is always key to beating any illness.

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