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A Wealthy State Of Mind

We all would love to be rich 🤑. Who wouldn’t want to have an exorbitant amount of money 💰 to spend as we please, whenever we want without having to worry about the cost of anything. While we have all of these larger than life fantasies about having a lot of money, we never actually doing the proper work to get our finances in order, and to have healthy finances overall.

When I think about creating wealth for my family, I think about clearing debt that may be lingering from my irresponsible money management habits, creating good spending/savings habits, and changing my mindset about money, and educating myself and loved ones on how money actually works for you. I think about having a retirement plan, life insurance for my family members, and investments that will secure all of our short and long term goals.

Financial Literacy is the name of the game, and if you are like me, struggling with student 👩🏽‍🎓 loan debt, credit card bills and other money mismanagement issues, we can all use some help with fixing our financial health and growth. Here is what I have learned that has helped me as an adult with taking charge of my finances and working towards becoming debt free, with a steady stream of income and access to financial services that can help you figure your finances out:

1). Create a Budget! When I actually sat down and wrote down all of my monthly expenses, I could clearly see where I was spending the most money, and I could prioritize my spending and eliminate unnecessary expenses (fast food, Amazon purchases), and I was able to start saving!

2). Get your Credit Report and check outstanding balances.

Once I pulled my credit report to see my outstanding inquires, I was able to start paying them off over time. Don’t let credit cards and student loans accrue interest!! It’s a never-ending hole 🕳️ that is extremely difficult to climb 🧗‍♀️ out of.

3). Invest in Life Insurance. One of the best financial decisions that I have made in my adulthood. Life insurance policies are a great tax free way to pass down generational wealth to your family. 4). Self Education

Anything that I want to learn about Finances, I research and study the forum to get acquainted with the terminology, and if I need assistance, I consult an expert to fill in the gaps for me. I love money, so learning about how it works makes me love it even more!

Being financially wealthy is not just about having a lot of cash in the bank. It’s about having great money management skills and knowledge about the various money markets that we all use each and every day. Being wealthy is a state of mind. Change your mind about money, and let the money bags 💰 flow!!

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