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Protecting your peace

Life has took everybody out their norm since COVID hit in 2020. Things that people was accustomed to doing had changed immediately. The world had to stay in the house which caused many people to become social media dependent and real social interaction became limited. Now things are trying to get back to normal but now other things are going on in the world that is causing people to lose their peace.

Protecting your peace in a mental variable because if your mental is jeopardized it will lead to health problems. You can protect your peace by limiting what you intake into your brain. Social media can be very draining because the internet do not have any limits any more. Seeing someone else going thru a death and other sad things can reflect towards your energy. Try limiting your social media intake. When watching movies, try giving your brain something good with like a comedy; they say laughing is good for the soul. Times are hard and stressful right now because of uncertainty so it is imperative to protect your peace.

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