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Adopt A Family/Senior how it started and how to sign up

Christmas was my mommies favorite holiday and when I lost her in October of 2019 I didn't know what to do. I felt so lost because it was my first Christmas without her in such a short amount of time. I thought about the things my mom would do around this time and one of the things that she was big on was giving back to someone especially the kids. She would buy gifts for all the kids that she knew just to see a smile on their faces and donate clothes to the women shelter.

I decided to start the Adopt a Family and Senior in 2020. I had an overwhelming response to the first year. I received over 230 applications, I didn't know there was so many people that needed some kind of happiness for the Christmas season. We randomly selected five families and nine seniors. They was able to tell us what it was they wanted and received either exactly what they asked for or something close to it. Seeing the faces of these people when I delivered their presents warmed my heart. This is the feeling that I was missing since my mommie made her transition.

In 2021, I had over 400 applications in which some of my business friends such as Wood and his wife from the D-Spot and a few more others had partner with me and they selected families and seniors to adopt. This brought me much success and joy. We was able to give to 15 families and 10 seniors. Each year this program is gaining more and more attention.

This year, the 3rd Annual Adopt a Family and Senior applications will be available on October Also for the businesses/individuals that want to help by adopting can do so by filling out the adoption form. If you would like to donate clothes, toys, non perishable items etc., you may email to schedule for pick up. If you would like to just donate some money to help us adopt more people, please click the link

Application for families that want to be adopted

Application for Seniors (62+) that want to be adopted

Application for Businesses/Individuals that want to adopt a family/senior

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