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Buy Tennis Bracelet

When tennis champion Chris Evert's diamond bracelet flew from her wrist during the 1978 U.S. Open, a jewelry trend was born. Today, the diamond tennis bracelet plays doubles as a sparkling everyday wardrobe staple and coveted special-occasion gift. Look good and play well in Jared's women's diamond tennis bracelets. Browse our gorgeous selection online or in-store at a Jared near you.

buy tennis bracelet

These bracelets are both stylish and sophisticated and complement any outfit. You can flaunt your tennis bracelet from business meetings and parties to the red carpet. Diamond tennis bracelets initially cost you about 1,000 USD to 100,000 USD; however, their value constantly increases with time.

A tennis bracelet consists of a symmetrical pattern of gemstones connected by a thin, precious metal chain. These gemstones are often of the same shape, color, size, and clarity to ensure high similarity. Often, the gemstones used in tennis bracelets are diamonds or imitation diamonds.

In 1987, Chis Evert, a professional tennis player, lost her diamond bracelet during the US Open Tennis match after its clasp broke off. The officials paused the game, and everyone helped her locate her bracelet.

Tennis bracelets come in many diamond colors. While a colorless diamond tennis bracelet has been considered a jewelry staple, many fashion icons have elected to use rare diamond colors, including pink.

If you are looking for a classic tennis bracelet, you need to consider the color grade of your diamond. The color of the bracelet metal plays a vital role in affecting the overall color of the diamond!

If you aim to make a statement with your tennis bracelet, it should be loose enough that it can move freely. It should not be loose enough to slide off the wrist. Many celebrities opt for a tennis bracelet fit like this.

Measuring a tennis bracelet is much easier than measuring ring sizes! Wrap a ribbon loosely around your wrist, keeping a one-finger gap between the ribbon and your wrist. Then, measure the ribbon against a tape measure. This will give you an accurate measurement of your tennis bracelet.

Offering an elegant timeless look to complement any outfit, diamond tennis bracelets are classic pieces of jewelry that never go out of style. Here are some famous tennis bracelets you must know about:

Often mistaken for diamonds, cubic zirconia is another diamond alternative. A high-quality cubic zirconia bracelet in a well-crafted metal will give the same effect as a diamond bracelet while costing 80% less.

Since tennis bracelets are a hefty investment, it is best to buy them from a reputable company like Lexie Jordan Jewelry. At Lexie Jordan Jewelry, we use the highest quality diamonds and each piece is constructed to the highest specifications of quality. Shop our diamond tennis bracelets, bangles, and more.

What exactly is a diamond tennis bracelet, and what makes it so special? A diamond tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet, usually made with gold, sterling silver, or platinum metal featuring one or multiple rows of diamonds.

The classic diamond tennis bracelet is the most basic design; it contains a series of identical diamonds of the same proportions (carat, cut, color, and clarity) that are set in a line, side-by-side, to form a complete circle of gems. Now, thanks to its return to popularity, 2021 has introduced many different styles of tennis bracelets, which we will get into later in the guide.

Chris Evert was fond of her diamond bracelet; she consistently wore this piece of stunning diamond jewelry during tennis matches. (It might sound unusual to wear a luxurious diamond bracelet while playing a sport, but the tennis bracelet is one of the most durable types of diamond jewelry.) The bracelet was a good-luck charm.

Today, many celebrities, including other tennis players, frequently wear diamond tennis bracelets as one of their favorite go-to accessories. (Tennis, a sport well-connected to aesthetics, has influenced other areas of style and design as well).

If the diamonds of a tennis bracelet are low-quality or fake, it takes away from the whole purpose of a diamond tennis bracelet. These bracelets are meant to be brilliant and eye-catching, so the quality of diamonds is important.

Color is an important grade for a diamond, and diamonds with better color grades will mean that the tennis bracelet is more valuable. Diamonds are graded on a color scale from D to Z, which indicates how much of a tint is noticeable in the diamond.

Diamond tennis bracelets are really in style in 2021, so in the past year, many innovations have been introduced to give the classic tennis bracelet a modern flair. Here are some of the most popular different styles of tennis bracelets:

These are the most popular styles of tennis bracelets for 2021. Different types of tennis bracelets add a new and unique flair to the timeless tradition. Some tennis bracelets have diamonds in different sizes, cuts, and shapes, as well as different settings, such as prong-set cluster diamonds, or 3 rows of diamonds.

Tennis bracelets make for beautiful and meaningful gifts for men and women of different ages throughout the year. Their classic design and popularity makes tennis bracelets a popular inheritance piece to be passed down generations as family heirlooms, investments, and keepsakes.

Find the perfect tennis bracelet at KAY today. You'll find a gold diamond tennis bracelet for those who love glam. But you'll also find women's tennis bracelet options that are more understated and timeless. But don't worry: we carry plenty of men's diamond tennis bracelets, too. Add a little glint to your day with tennis bracelets that will last a lifetime. Shop our beautiful diamond tennis bracelets and more styles online or stop by a KAY near you.

It was actually tennis player Chris Evert who coined the name when she was competing at the 1978 U.S. Open. She actually halted the match when her George Bedewi diamond line bracelet flew off her wrist.

Some other things to consider are the clarity of the diamonds. Since a tennis bracelet diamond tends to be a smaller size, the clarity of the diamonds will not affect the overall brilliance of the bracelet.

There are also setting options that can contribute to the overall look of the bracelet. While bezel settings are more traditional and secure, a three or four-prong setting can let more light into the diamond and make it shine!

A tennis bracelet is a staple piece in many jewelry collections. This can be due to the fact that it is elegant, easy to wear and features a timeless design. Delicate and durable, the bracelet traditionally features a gold or platinum setting and contains many small gems, usually diamonds, linked together in a narrow chain. Today, there are countless variations on these bracelets when it comes to metals and settings. The thickness can also vary featuring a thick or thin bracelet and smaller or larger diamonds.

Evert asked that the game be stopped until the bracelet was found. Ever since then, diamond bracelets have been referred to as tennis bracelets and are worn by tennis celebrities, as well as other celebrities and countless other women all over the world.

If you are in the market for a tennis bracelet, finding the right one for you may depend on several factors including personal taste and lifestyle. Some bracelets may serve as subtle, elegant pieces while others can be eye catching statements. You might opt for different jewels or metals that best suit you. You might choose a diamond tennis bracelet that is durable if you have an active lifestyle.

Color is more important than clarity in the tennis bracelet, since the stones tend to be smaller and inclusions are hard to see. However, this becomes an issue when you are dealing with bigger stones. If your bracelet features bigger stones, check it closely for dark spots or any damage that may have occurred in the gem.

Tennis bracelets can feature a variety of metals in their settings although gold, white gold and platinum are most common. The one you choose can be a matter of personal choice, but a yellow gold will work better with a diamond that features a yellowing tint while these tints will really stand out against a platinum or white gold setting.

If you are in the Boca Raton area, and looking for a quality tennis bracelet that best suits you, you should check out the selection that Raymond Lee has to offer. Raymond Lee is a well known jeweler who has established roots in the Boca Raton area and has built his reputation there for over 30 years.

This particular bracelet comes in four different varieties. In addition to the traditional diamond and yellow gold, there is also a 14k white gold .52ctw blue diamond tennis bracelet and a 14k white gold .55ctw green diamond tennis bracelet. Both of these offer a unique take on the traditional tennis bracelet offering striking color options. They are both priced at $2,095.

Moving along, another stunning piece is the 18k White Gold 1.80ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Tennis Bracelet. In this bracelet, you can really see the clarity of each diamond, which is featured in a rounded shape against a white setting. While this piece is bigger than the last batch, it still gives off an air of refined elegance and can be paired with other pieces or worn on its own. A stunning feature is its clasp which is also diamond studded. This unique bracelet can be purchased for $2799.

This white gold piece features beautiful, large, round stones offset by their setting which cups the gems beautifully. The bracelet appears as a dazzling line of gems that snake elegantly around the wrist. The price for this piece is $4695.

Here the diamonds appear in a cluster within their gold settings making them appear almost floral in shape. Diamonds are set in a cross shape in square settings making each link appear like brilliant flower. This unusual take on the classic tennis bracelet is marked at $13,200.

Another chunkier piece, this bracelet also has a setting that cradles each diamond securely at each corner and works to give off a floral vibe. It is one of the few pieces that features the precious platinum metal and dazzles on the wrist. It is available for $31,200. 041b061a72


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