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I HAVE A QUESTION!there used to be these slimfast bars, the traditional ones, they were the best. these are called optima now. the snak ones were great. they discontinued. i always lost weight with them and now i cant get them from anywhere. they were square sized ones with red label, says slimfast lunch and breakfast meal option ontop. lower in calorie. and i think those were the first slimfast snacks made. aaahhhhh wish i could find them. i dont like these new snacks. they have too much carb and calorie , which i dont find helpful. its just too much. !!!!!!!!

slim fast coupons buy one get one free

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i started slim-fast 2 weeks ago and i am almost to the 10 lbs mark i love this diet it is really easy to follow but i changed mine a little bit to fit my schedule i have a shake for breakfast a shake for dinner a snack bar or another 100 calorie snack and i eat what ever i want for dinner since i already have a slow metabolism i did not get hungry before this diet i just ate because i knew i had to in order to live and i still do not get hungry but i also do not get super full or bloated anymore

Hi I would like to know how I can buy slim fast in South Africa, do you have any distributors here, I really like the product, we stayed in Ireland for a year, and I started the Slim Fast there, I lost so much weight, just love your product.

@cheska, anything that causes you to eat less Calories works, but the question is does slimfast teach you to eat smaller more nutritious meals or is it just a quick fix that will not generate long term results?

i just started doing slimfast i weigh 185,and i want to loose 50 pds. i eat 3 snacks 2 shakes 1 meal usually a salad. i use to weigh 253 i got to 165 doin atkins. i gainedsome back i love sweets so hopefully it works i love the penut butter crunch snacks. so i walk 30 mins daily.does anyone know if you can have coffee black or just water

Hi im considering doing slim fast! Iv done ww and unislim and lost weight but this time none of em work for me! Need something new and this be it! would 2 shakes a day-slim fast and my own made dinner, and bowl special k last snack with a slim fast treat lose me weight! How much that way i expect lose a wk! Im 12st 7lb now 5ft 3in wanna reach 9st 7lb! eventually 9st.

I have beeb doing slimfast for awhile and fell in love BUT I moving away from it considering the fact that slim-fast contains saturated fat, too much sugar, hydrogenated oils, and it is artificialy flavored. These are all the main things to stay away from.

I would like for everyone to know, who are thinking about losing weight and have tried everything under the sun with no results, to look at the slim-fast plan. Slim-fast was the only diet plan that I have tried that have given me such dramatic results. I am a large framed woman with large bones. I am 5ft 8inches tall and I weighed 253 pounds. I have been on the slim-fast plan for six weeks and have lost 17 pounds. I have never dropped weight so fast in my entire life. I take a shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and eat a nice supper. I feel so much better. Try it everyone, and you will like it.

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