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Nolan Garcia

Buy Lego Ghostbusters

I would suspect that when LEGO went to get the license for ecto1, they also negotiated rights for other possible ghostbusters sets. Lawyers costs money and both sides will want to spend their time as efficiently as possible. And bulk licenses should be cheaper than per-item licenses.

buy lego ghostbusters

:(SO this is what LEGO has been up to... a shame. And the offer is quite the admittance of guilt. But hey Sergio, guess what? You are not alone in this... I have reasons of my own to complaint. I have sent a message to the CEO. Not sure he got it though. Still trying to see if legal action is viable (probably not, just like in your case). As for IDEAS... It is dead. Or soon to be at the peak of its fame. Because of poor management and moderation - too many abusive and illegal contract terms and ridiculous rules that can be quite xenophobic. But that is another issue...I had a romantic view of IDEAS and it gave me the hope (a very real hope) of becoming a LEGO designer... Unfortunately the dream stopped. I began seeing many concept ideas of mine applicated onto real sets. Maybe just a coincidence, after all LEGO is a modular system and others are entitled to have ideas too, right? I also noticed some projects disappearing to give room to official sets a few months/years after (haunted house, simpsons,etc...)... again, my faith in LEGO remained though shaken...And finally, with the announcement of a new theme for 2016 my eyes opened and I could not believe my eyes... the theme is very similar in terms of concept and key words to a concept I presented TLG back in 2012. I have asked designers and FOL's and the opinion is almost unanimous - the new theme has screaming resemblances with my concept. I myself believe it developped into something hideous but the core idea is there.So you see, this might be just the tip of the veil. And TLG does what it pleases, even more when it come to share money with others than themselves and IP owners. This is all just business and FOLs' opinions are taken under consideration only when it might affect sales numbers.In your case the excuses might be many and informing you beforehand they had the same idea going on earlier would conflict with their non disclosure policy. They want to make this a secret and many time IDEAS staff knows not what is under development so to decline the idea... and declinig might tip you to something they are doing... ...still... if they want to keep a site such as IDEAS open they must be aware these situations can be problematic. And what if it was an original idea of yours? Coincidences can happen but they normally don't. If they stopped projects such as the haunted house and the simpson back in cuusoo because they were developping them already why not do the same to the ghostbusters HQ? There are behaviour inconsistencies in all this and the porr answer provided stinks of poor excuse.You are not alone in your dicontent Sergio but can something actually be done? No. It is up to LEGO. And by the response they gave you, they face this as perfectly cool and fine. Ethically I find this whole issue a big mess and TLG's reputation is on a downhill.I've just been sad thinking of all this in the last few months. Even sadder is that I cannot stop buying LEGO...Carry on and look towards the future... maybe the horizon brings better tidings... and maybe we can all restart dreaming again.:( 041b061a72


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