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Samsung Level U Headset

The LEVEL U neckband-type headset is built with soft and flexible urethane joints to help you comfortably wear them for an extended amount of time. Simply adjust the neckband for a more customised fit that is compatible with the size of your neck. And, the headset's ergonomically designed hybrid-type ear tips make sure that they stay secure in your ears - wherever you go.

samsung level u headset

With the LEVEL U wireless headset, you don't have to constantly worry about running out of battery as it provides up to 10 hours of music playback, 11 hours of voice calls, and 500 hours of standby time.

This headset comes with two inbuilt microphones that deliver accurate and clear sound production for voice calls. With this, you can enjoy crystal-clear call quality, thanks to the noise and echo-reducing technology that this headset uses.

This dedicated app allows you to customise your listening experience based on your needs. So, by downloading the app on your smartphone, you can access a range of information, which includes missed call alerts, scheduled events, and remaining battery levels through Text-to-Speech (TTS) and vibration alerts.

The LEVEL U wireless headset comes with inbuilt volume, forward/back, and play/pause buttons. These buttons make up the wireless functions that this headset has to offer. And, they can be controlled without you having to take out your paired device. The raised button design allows you to easily access the functions, even when you're on the move.

The Samsung Level U Pro are better around-the-neck wireless in-ears than the Sony WI-C400. The Level U Pro have a more comfortable fit, a better battery performance overall, and a greater wireless range with multiple codec options. They're also a lot more customizable than the Sony, with a better default sound quality that you can also EQ thanks to the Level app. The Sony, on the other hand, have a much longer battery life on a single charge but do not benefit from some of the power-saving features on the Samsung headset. The Sony also has easier to use controls, although not by much.

The Samsung Level Over Wireless are a much better wireless headset than the Samsung Level U Pro if you prefer over-ears to in-ear headphones. As expected, the smaller format of the Level U Pro makes them a lot easier to carry around than the bulky Level Overs. They're a lot more breathable and stable for sports and physical activity and also benefit from the same customization options as the Level Over. The Level Over, on the other hand, have a better default sound quality and they're also noise cancelling headphones, so they're a bit more suitable for noisy conditions and commuting. They also have a longer battery life than the Level U Pro.

The Samsung Level U Pro Wireless are wireless headphones that are a bit more convenient for day-to-day casual use than the Apple EarPods, but the Apple are a decent option if you prefer wired headsets to wireless ones. The Apple have practically no latency when watching movies or gaming due to their wired design. They are a bit more comfortable, especially for those used to the Apple earbud fit. On the other hand, the Samsung are a lot more versatile. Since they're wireless, they have a greater range and support low latency codecs, so they're not as bad as some other Bluetooth headsets for watching videos. The Samsung also have a better-balanced sound that you can EQ with the Level app.

The leakage performance is great. Not only the overall level of the leakage is quite low, but the range is quite narrow too, limited to 3KHz-8KHz. This results in a leakage that mostly consists of sibilances (sharp sounds such as S and Ts) and will be barely noticeable to people around you, unless you really blast your music in a very quiet place.

The around-the-neck style of the Samsung Level U headphones is nothing new in terms of design, but it's matched with a series of unique perks that make it the music machine that it is. Flexible urethane joints make adjustments quick without having to worry about easily breaking either of the arms. Along each arm is an O-ring that slides up and down to increase or reduce tension on the wired ear buds, depending on how much slack suits your comfort level. The smooth, glossy finish of the neck rest looks great, and although it doesn't have any sort of cushioning, the headphones are so lightweight you hardly even notice they're on majority of the time.

I am not able to connect my bluetooth headset (Samsung level U) to my HP laptop (HP 15-ac033TX ). The laptop is not even showing the headset whenever i am switching on the bluetooth switch of headset. The headset is working properly and it shows the bluetooth device on mobile phone whenever i am using it with my mobile phone ( I am using in mobile by downloading Samsung level U application from Google play store) .

Thank you so mch for your suggestion. I was searching in so many websites to solve in connecting the Samsung level U to my HP laptop. Finally your suggestion made me to do in right way and it worked!.

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You're already talking to humans by way of your phone, so why not also use it to talk to artificially intelligent beings? Next year, you'll be given the opportunity to take a step further into a cyborg future in which the "person" on the receiving end of your headset isn't a person at all, but rather a smart home assistant -- namely, Alexa.

Similar to many current wireless earbud sets, the Flex Arc stores the Bluetooth receiver in a collar-style frame that wraps around the back of the user's neck. Unlike most manufacturers, which try do everything they can to minimize the size and weight of what they see as a necessary evil, Zagg puts the Flex Arc collar to good use by adding external speakers on either side of the frame. If sharing your music with others isn't your thing, a built-in microphone allows the speakers to function as a hands-free headset for taking calls from a paired smartphone.

Later I have investigated and solved the problem using the below steps, I request all the users who have purchased this "Samsung level U" headphones and facing disconnectivity/auto re-connectivity issues with any phones. 041b061a72


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