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but again, that is not what youre asking for. it seems clear to me that you want a firm commitment that 2100 is not too late. and i was pointing out that there arent many people who would want us to wait until 2100 to do anything about climate change. they would just want to go ahead and stop burning fossil fuels now.

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they think that gradual reduction of emissions in the near term would be preferable to an abrupt total halt. if you were to ask them why it is preferable to stop burning fossil fuels, they wouldnt give a direct answer but rather talk about workarounds.

well know that the regulations of the clean air act apply only to new facilities and only after they complete a massive public and environmental impact statement. it would be impossible to do that work in time for 2020. but there are literally thousands of existing sites where facilities were constructed decades ago and the parties responsible for that have long since gone out of business. you can hire a lawyer to draw up a plan to stop those facilities in 2020. you can do it at no cost, though it would cost you time and money. but again, it would be a one-time cost.

after that, with existing facilities, there is no guarantee that facilities would not keep operating the same way, even if new emissions regulations were imposed. there are ways of doing that, but not all of them would be cost-effective.

we also know that oil spills are a thing. one question for you is whether you think that the well-established public response to oil spills can be used to deal with climate change as well. can we dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions even if we have to do it after the fact? i think we can, but the well-established public response to oil spills would have to be suspended.


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