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What you do while traveling?

I love to travel especially with my children. When I was growing up, traveling only occurred when there was a funeral or a family reunion other than that, my parents didn't have the time to travel because work was always the main focus. I've always wanted to go to different places that I have seen on the idiot box so as I got to driving age I had made my mind up to travel as much as I can. Sometimes I travel for relaxation and sometimes for business however I try to make every trip an educational one especially when I take my children. I look into different museums in that state. Even while driving or riding I look at the different attractions along the route I'm traveling to see what that State/City have to offer.

The picture featured is an airplane that crashed that represents the 'Agricultural Crash' of the 80's. The farms in 1980's had went through a recession that affected many Midwest farms. This crisis put many farmers into a deep sea of debt to try to stay a float. The Federal Reserve made policies that they believed to decrease high interest rates however it caused the farmland value to decrease as well. The crisis had cause a mental issue for some farmers because some of their farms went into foreclosure which left so homeless and hopeless. Some farmers had committed suicide and/or homicide on bankers because some of the farmers had just invested money into buying more land and they was hit the hardest with debt owed. This farm crisis had also took a negative effect on the supply chain, the local banks and the surrounding communities.

If I wasn't traveling and observing the scenery, I would've never knew about the part of American history to be able to share with you. So the next time you plan a trip, I encourage you to look at the scenery and see if you can find some amazing history and when you do, I would love to hear about.

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