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Some LGBT interpretations of popular stories and characters have been controversial. Ganeśa: Lord of obstacles, Lord of beginnings, applied psychoanalytic approaches to Hindu stories. The book stated that Ganesha's trunk represented a flaccid penis and his love of sweets indicated a desire to perform homosexual oral sex.[38] The deductions of this book, and similar application of psychoanalysis to the study of Hinduism, has been questioned by Western and Indian academics including Antonio De Nicholas, Krishnan Ramaswamy, S.N.Balagangadhara, Saraha Claerhout, who have stated that the book is based on mistranslations and psychoanalytic misinterpretations.[47][48] The book became infamous in India, triggering protests and resulting in a public apology from the publishers and withdrawal of the book in India.[49]

The Great Kamdev The Book Of Love Movie Download



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