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Where To Buy Bemis Toilet Seats [REPACK]

Bemis produces toilet seats for all bathroom types, ranging from single-family homes to condos and commercial properties. Whether you are furnishing a special needs bathroom or looking for a child-friendly seat, Bemis has many different product lines, such as the Xcite, to suit your lifestyle needs.

where to buy bemis toilet seats

Whether your bathroom is fitted with a one-piece or two-piece toilet, all toilet seats are either round or elongated. Round is the standard installation in residential and commercial properties. Round toilets are favorable for residential homes and half-baths due to the smaller surface area. Elongated toilets are long and oval, which offers more sitting area. They are typically installed in businesses, condos, and large properties.

A Bemis soft toilet seat is constructed with padding to provide a puffy, soft sitting area for the user. Soft-close seats have a lowering mechanism that lets the lid and seat go down noiselessly. Bemis also has removable soft toilet seats for cleaning purposes.

It's shopping, decorating and a trip to the museum all in one! The Bemis Bath Shoppe & Boutique, located in historic downtown Sheboygan Falls amid charming shops and restaurants, embodies the luxurious shopping experience. Along with hundreds of artistically displayed toilet seats and historic company images, the inspirational bath vignettes feature stylish bath and body products and endless design ideas.

Toilet seats of every shape, color, size and function can be found at the Bemis Bath Shoppe & Boutique. Various lifestyle vignettes provide working displays of whisper close toilet seats, potty training seats, easy to clean, raised toilet seats, a personal cleansing spa, innovative products, and much more!

One of the easiest repairs to make around the home takes place in the bathroom. If you need to replace a broken seat or change an existing one for something more comfortable, Ace Hardware has toilet seats made from a variety of materials in many colors to complement your bathroom décor.

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bemis Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of toilet and bidet seats, teamed up with leading advocacy organization, Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) for March, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, for the second year in a row.

The family-owned manufacturer donated 100 toilet seats that are displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., as part of Fight CRC's Call-on Congress, an event where colon and rectal cancer survivors, caregivers, and loved ones from all over the U.S. unite to make their voices heard. As part of the installation, each seat displays an awareness fact or statistic about the disease, which is the second-most fatal cancer in the U.S.

About BemisBemis Manufacturing Company was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. As a leading global manufacturer of toilet seats and other home products, the company distributes its products under the Bemis, Bio Bidet by Bemis, FLOW by Bemis and Mayfair by Bemis brands through retail and wholesale channels. Bemis is also one of North America's top non-automotive producers of contract plastic components serving consumer, commercial, medical and industrial markets worldwide. For more information, visit Bemis Manufacturing Company and

The bolts and nuts that are used to keep the seat in place do not get corroded overtime. They are 100% rust-free and play no role in destroying the look of your precious toilet. The unmatched qualities and durability of the BEMIS toilet seats makes it an excellent choice for residential as well as commercial areas.

Mayfair 843 toilet seat is like a knight in shining armour that has a knack for helping you out in your two-time situation. You can depend on this beauty without worrying about the hygiene issues as it keeps the urine drippings or other unhygienic substances away from where you sit.

The material used in the making of the toilet seat plays a significant role when it comes to durability and comfort level. For instance, if you live in a colder region, choosing a wood toilet seat is better than plastic. It is because plastic seats tend to get colder in winters than wood lids, and you definitely do not want that.

During the past few years, toilets have evolved to a great extent. With the evolution of various urinals and commodes, toilet seats have undergone a reasonable change as well. Although multiple designs are available on the market now, all of them are the subcategories of three main types of toilet seats.

Elongated toilet seats are primarily used in commercial spaces, restaurants, or offices. They come in 18-inch size and ensure the comfort level of their users. As compared to the round toilet seats, they are a bit more expensive.

This type of commode lid is primarily used in public toilets, where many people tend to use the same commodes. The U-shape keeps the genitals of a man away from the toilet seat and protects the toilet from urine drips.

Typically, used toilet seats have a knack for making a loud sound when you drop them. This issue has been resolved with the invention of soft-close toilet seats. These toilet lids of covers do not close abruptly when you are done with your service. Instead of dropping instantly, the seat falls smoothly and slowly, keeping it from making any unnecessary noise.

When you are cleaning your toilet, you may find it hard to reach certain corners because of the permanent attachment of the toilet cover. With the help of quick-release toilet seats, you can conveniently take off the center and the lid and clean your toilet thoroughly. After completing the task, simply put them back.

As there are so many options, keep in mind the essential points like shape, material, and installation process of the toilet seat to make the best choice. Moreover, you can also get your hands to toilet lids with features like soft-closure, quick release, and lighted backs. Whatever you decide, our list of the best toilet seats in 2021 has everything you have been looking for.

Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, etc. each fit Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc. Chruch, Olsonite and Bemis all fit Kohler, American Standard, Eljer normal-style toilets. Typically the brand of the seat is not the brand of the toilet. Exceptions are some seats from Kohler and American Standard toilets which are branded Kohler or American Standard. These were probably sold with the original toilet and were private-labeled for them by OEMs such as Bemis, but still any seat brand will fit all toilet brands. Hence for example, if you are replacing a Church seat, it can be replaced with any brand available at the moment.

Sizes: Normal-style toilet seats come in two bowl length sizes: Round or elongated. Round is also called "regular" and "plain."* Elongated is also called "extended." Some consumers say "oblong." Although round and elongated are shapes, the shapes refer to the front-half of the seat. The difference of two inches is key. When measuring to determine the size, measure the porcelain toilet bowl, not the seat itself.

Brands: Toilet seats are to toilets like tires are to cars. That is, there can be a Ford or a Chevy car. One might come with Firestone tires, the other might come with Goodyear tires. When the tires wear out, they might get replaced with Michelin or Bridgestone. Any of the tire brands will fit each of the cars. There are many brands of toilet seats and they can go on each brand of toilets. Exception: Sometimes major toilet brands will have toilet seats private-labeled to match their product brand. E,g., American Standard or Kohler.

A: Not necessarily. "Wood" seats, aka enameled wood, aka composition wood, aka molded composition are not made of beefy lumber. They are made of sawdust and resin which are compression molded. ...Much like particle-board. The compressed sawdust is then painted. They look thicker and stronger and feel heavier because they must be two-to-three times thicker than plastic to achieve the same strength. The paint color is very thin compared to plastic seats where the color is solid through. (Drill a hole through each to see.) Bathroom humidity, moisture from bowl water, acid vapors from urine, urine splashing, and the chemicals from cleaning agents* will eventually cause the paint on wooden seats to fail. Plastic seats are not susceptible to this failure. The paint on wooden seats can chip. Plastic seats won't chip. The bumpers on wood seats are screwed, nailed, or tacked onto the seat - they can fall off over time. The bumpers on our plastic seats are molded-in - they are integral and cannot come off. If you are replacing a wood seat now, it is probably for one of these reasons. In the case of toilet seats, plastic is better than "wood" in our opinion.

Slow-close hinges are a recent advancement/enhancement for toilet seats. This appears by various names such as slow-close, whisper-close, silent-close, easy-close. The feature is a winding mechanism when the seat is raised. This creates resistance when the seat is lowered. The function is the seat lowering itself without dropping. The benefit is lowering the seat and closing the cover hands-free. Plus there is no slamming if the seat is dropped to close. This feature is mostly on plastic seats.

Warning: Loose toilet seats can contribute to a slip-and-fall. Missing bumpers may cause the seat to be uneven and contribute a slip-and-fall. Missing bumpers may cause weight distribution to be incorrect. This stress may cause the rim to crack or the hinges to breakaway.

In 1901, Arthur White incorporated White Wagon Works in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, the precursor to Bemis that produced children's wooden wagons with a patented steering device. In the early 1920s, Al Bemis, with partner George Riddel, bought the majority of shares of White Wagon works and by 1928, Al Bemis took controlling interest in their shared company. In 1932, Bemis started producing toilet seats. By 1935, they started making seats for nearby Kohler Company. 041b061a72


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