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Theodore Thompson
Theodore Thompson

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they are small companies, small businesses, and are the most likely to just cut themselves off from online commerce. if you compare [the price differences] to something like the iphone and a decent tv the streaming service makes good sense, and i would say that viewing content this way is more likely to change the habits of the worst of the pirates. but then again, my view is that there are those who are going to be unaffected by this, and that would be people who are comfortable with the cost of their media.

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the "human infrastructure" probably differs from nation to nation as much as the social structures differ from country to country. in america, elder care and small children is a problem for american citizens; not for australians.

what tends to be a problem for governments is the fact that there are some things that they just can't regulate, things that they cannot control, things that they simply can't regulate. they can educate people, they can try to make people more responsible, they can try to make people more aware of the damage they are doing, but they can't tell you not to steal a pair of shoes, they can't tell you not to download stuff from the internet, they can't tell you not to smoke, they can't tell you not to drink alcohol, and i think that that is the biggest difference.

the course is meant to teach people how to obtain content and how to negotiate for what is (or if a content has) become a cultural property. i think the interesting thing is that you are thinking about how you are going to organise a coalition and how you are going to mobilise. but the critical question is: what are you going to mobilise?


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