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Theodore Thompson
Theodore Thompson

Busy Box Pro v9.8 ##HOT##

after /bin/ls is linked to /bin/busybox. This works because the first argument passed to a program is the name used for the program call, in this case the argument would be "/bin/ls". BusyBox would see that its "name" is "ls" and act like the "ls" program.

Busy Box Pro v9.8

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The Software Freedom Conservancy acts as the GPL enforcement agent for various BusyBox copyright holders. If you wish to report a GPL violation on BusyBox, please write to

Sizes of busybox-1.35.0 and busybox-1.36.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1044070 908 143281059306 1029eabusybox-1.35.01046317 908 143281061553 1032b1busybox-1.36.0

Sizes of busybox-1.34.0 and busybox-1.35.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1042344 908 143361057588 102334busybox-1.34.01044070 908 143281059306 1029eabusybox-1.35.0

Sizes of busybox-1.33.0 and busybox-1.34.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1032724 908 143441047976 ffda8busybox-1.33.01042344 908 143361057588 102334busybox-1.34.0

Sizes of busybox-1.32.0 and busybox-1.33.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1020219 481 74601028160 fb040busybox-1.32.01021980 481 74561029917 fb71dbusybox-1.33.0

Changes since previous release:Andy Shevchenko modprobe: add support for modprobe.blacklist=module1,module2,...Audun-Marius Gangstø: lineedit: fix unicode characters in promptChristian Eggers: shell: fix "read -d ''" behavior ip: add support for "noprefixroute" option ip address: add support for "valid_lft" and "preferred_lft" options chrt: support for musl C libraryCristian Ionescu-Idbohrn: fix warning: label 'out1' defined but not usedDenys Vlasenko: avoid using strtok - eliminates use of hidden global variable use write_str() functions where appropriate fixes for Hurd build move ADJTIME_PATH define to header files examples: remove /sbin/ prefixes, system should be configured with $PATH to find utilities build system: combat gcc zealotry in data alignment build system: make -static-libgcc selectable in config libbb: add and use infrastructure for fixed page size optimization libbb: bb_do_delay(3) -> pause_after_failed_login(), and stop looping there libbb: change decode_base32/64 API to return the end of _dst_, not _src_ libbb: create and use mmap() helpers libbb: do not compile selinux_or_die() if !SELINUX libbb: do not open-code __errno_location() call libbb: exec_login_shell() - new function libbb: extend "errno pointer" trick to other than __GLIBC__ libbb: fold common64_hash() into its only user libbb: in @SECONDS date format, use 64-bit time if libc allows libbb: introduce and use msleep() libbb: introduce and use sleep1() libbb: introduce and use xsettimeofday() libbb: make msleep() result in only one syscall instead of looping libbb: make pw_encrypt() die if supplied salt is bad (e.g. emply) libbb: rename run_shell() to exec_shell() libbb: shrink last_char_is(), no longer allow NULL string argument libbb: shrink recursive_action() by reducing memory pressure libbb: smaller and faster decode_base64() libbb: trim base32/64 tables unicode: fix handling of short 1-4 char tables unicode: relax array alignment for tables lineedit: disable completion and fancy prompts if no shells are selected lineedit: remove ->path_lookup if ash is not configured lineedit: use strncmp instead of is_prefixed_with (we know the length) networking: support ftp PASV responses not ending with ')' ash: clear ungetc counter on syntax errors ash: jobs: Fix infinite loop in waitproc ash: jobs: Fix waitcmd busy loop ash: make interactive ^C break out of PS2 mode ash: reset SIGHUP earlier: allows HUP traps in .profile, closes 13371 hush: NOMMU fix for hush-psubst/tick6.tests hush: deal with FIXMEs for corner cases in parameter expansion hush: do not print killing signal name in `cmd_which_dies_on_signal` hush: fix -c SCRIPT handling hush: fix PS1 prompth in !EDITING config hush: fix ^C in INTERACTIVE, !EDITING config hush: fix this case: echo "SCRIPT" hush hush: if !EDITING, do not regenerate prompt for every input char hush: if login shell, also source /.profile hush: output bash-compat killing signal names hush: remove one redundant getpid() on every startup shell: better support of [[ ]] bashism shell: for signal exitcode, use 128 sig, not 128 + sig - MIPS has signal 128 shell: remove FAST_FUNC from a static function shell: a fix for systems without RLIMIT_NICE awk: FS regex matches only non-empty separators (gawk compat) awk: add a test that $NF is empty awk: fix dodgy multi-char separators splitting logic base32: new applet base32/64: decode in-place base32/64: implement -w COL bc: do not allocate line editing state until needed date: for -uR and -uIh, timezone still has to be shown as +hhmm, not as abbreviation date: remove non-standard special-casing of date '+%f' date: support -Ins, more compatible timezone display in -I dd: support for O_DIRECT i/o factor: 30% faster trial division (better sieve) factor: detect squares grep: for -L, exitcode 0 means files *without* matches were found, closes 13151 hexdump: fix duplicate block comparison hwclock: fix musl breakage of settimeofday(tz) login: log to syslog every bad password, not only 3rd mail: commonalize send_r_n() mail: deobfuscate launch_helper() mail: launch_helper(): flush stdio before vfork, set G.helper_pid only in parent mail: move "opts" from globals man: implement SECTION parameters mdev: clear LOGMODE_STDIO only directly before daemonizing mount: add -o nostrictatime and -o [no]lazytime mount: implement -o nosymfollow, remove bogus -o union mount: do not guess bind mounts as NFS mount: do not guess mount as NFS if "hostname:" contains slashes mount: fix a race when a free loop device is snatched under us by another mount mount: fix incorrect "success" exitcode if loop device setup fails nsenter: stop option parsing on 1st non-option ntpd: allow non-root to run it (e.g. with -w option) ntpd: fix refid reported in server mode, closes 13056 ntpd: fix the case where two replies received at once and first one causes a step ping: fix -wN to not think that one packet is always lost tar: fix fallout of last_char_is(NULL) no longer being allowed traceroute: avoid collecting target local address if !VERBOSE traceroute: commonalize verbose printing traceroute: don't set SO_DONTROUTE on recv socket, it only affects send traceroute: even with -v, don't show other ping processes replies traceroute: fix traceroute6 -I (icmp mode) traceroute: make "ipv4 or ipv6?" cheaper to find out traceroute: set IP_PKTINFO to see correct local IP of received pkt (fixes -v display) traceroute: simpler hexdump() traceroute: untangle main loop udhcp: remove struct packing attribute, eliminates gcc-9.x warning udhcpc6: code shrink - sending functions do not need ifindex parameter uevent: increase netlink buffer sizes uevent: make it survive ENOBUFS uudecode: fix possible signed char bug volume_id: improve struct layout (smaller offesets, smaller insns on x86) wget: do not ftruncate if -O- is used, closes 13351 xargs: fix -I SUBSTR behaviour xxd: fix printing of trailing spaces xxd: compat: move hexdump -R functionality to xxd -rEddie James: hwclock: fix settimeofday for glibc v2.31+Gray Wolf: crontab: fix -e with editors saving using renaming strategyJan Klötzke: libbb: set netlink socket revbuf size before binding mdev: increase netlink buffer sizes mdev: move daemon setup to dedicated function mdev: re-initialize if uevent messages were lost mdev: add syslog logging mode mdev: add -v to increase log verbosityJoachim Nilsson: login: update UTMP before forking syslogd: delay PID file creation until syslogd is ready archival: avoid std namespace for local includesLauri Kasanen: mount: surround syslog.h with the config checkMartin Lewis: udhcp: add option scanner udhcpc: fix a TODO in fill_envp using option scanner procps: code shrink compare_string_array: code shrink domain_codec: optimize dname_dec and convert_dname udhcpc: add support for long optionsMichal Kazior: udhcp: bind to device even for ucast packetsNorbert Lange: nc_bloaty: support udp broadcast ports dpkg: prevent important directories from being removed dhcpd: remove hardcoded pidfile path acpid: only display -p if supported in usage util-linux: support erofs filesystemRon Yorston: build system: drop PLATFORM_LINUX lineedit: omit directories when tab-completing from PATH lineedit: match local directories when searching PATHRui Salvaterra: ip rule: add support for fwmark/fwmask for policy routingScott Court: wget: fix openssl options for cert verificationSergey Ponomarev: httpd_indexcgi.c: minimize style CSS httpd_indexcgi.c: use CSS for odd/even rows httpd: update to HTTP/1.1 httpd: don't add Date header to response httpd: don't add Last-Modified header to response httpd: support caching via ETag header httpd: make Deny/Allow by IP config support optionalSteffen Trumtrar: mount: support the sizelimit and offset option for loop devicesXabier Oneca: httpd: code shrink mkdtemp: proper error detection on mktemp

Sizes of busybox-1.31.1 and busybox-1.32.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1011750 483 74681019701 f8f35busybox-1.31.11015340 482 74601023282 f9d32busybox-1.32.0

Sizes of busybox-1.30.1 and busybox-1.31.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename1008478 487 74361016401 f8251busybox-1.30.11008392 482 74281016302 f81eebusybox-1.31.0

Sizes of busybox-1.29.3 and busybox-1.30.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build): text data bss dec hexfilename 941070 477 7296 948843 e7a6bbusybox-1.29.3 948463 477 7296 956236 e974cbusybox-1.30.0


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