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Heart Compass

Every day I find myself able to pull myself through with readings such as these, meditation, yoga and reminding myself not to be judging and to keep my heart open.. At age 65 and the day after my 47 year marriage ended this article was again enough to pull me through and keep me going with an open heart. I have found through my life that willingness to continue to love, empathy, and non-judging becomes easier and easier as trouble arises. It comes after the purposeful practice over time. So many problems in this world would dissolve if we were all able to have this opportunity.

Heart Compass

I agree. Daily readings and quiet time for meditation or contemplation have been most helpful to keep the heart open. Besides, Jack Kornfield is an an amazing teacher and so full of common sense and easy to understand concepts and language. Thanks.

But the compass that is her heart is pointing towards home, and she returns to Scotland. Nothing would persuade me to reveal if there is a happy ending; but I will only say that few of us would find a rejected eligible suitor still on the market seven years on.

Tania Pryputniewicz is a heart-centered writing teacher, poet, and tarot muse passionate about inspiring others to engage in cross-pollination and hybrid forms from poetry movies to tarot haiku. Once trapped in a loveless romance in her early twenties as an undergraduate English Major, Tania found a tarot deck in a bookshelf that saved her soul and set her feet firmly on the Royal Road. She brings over twenty-five years as a writing teacher and practicing tarot reader to her tarot-inspired classes.

Did you know that one out of every four deaths in the United States is due to cardiovascular disease, making heart disease, and stroke the first and fourth leading causes of death in the U.S.? More than 2 million Americans suffer from heart attacks and strokes each year leaving millions disabled and a decreased quality of life.

Finally, we should mention that Krauss has actually chosen symbols for each character. The chapter titles are accompanied by a symbol corresponding to the main character in that section. Leo has a heart (like, a real heart, not a Valentine heart), Alma has a compass, Litvinoff has a book (guess which one), and Bird has an ark. You can read about what these might mean over in our "Themes" section.

The Compass Heart is a pendant for those in search of the correct direction to map their love! The Necklace is equipped with a small, rare earth magnet which allows the compass to find true North. The "W" and "E" actually stand for West/East. A true compass with a heart!


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