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Download Hello Neighbor Latest Version and Join the VR Adventure in the Hello Neighbor Universe

Download Hello Neighbor Latest Version: A Guide to the Stealth Horror Game

Have you ever wondered what your creepy neighbor is hiding in his basement? Do you have the courage and skills to sneak into his house and find out? If you are looking for a thrilling and challenging stealth horror game, then you should download Hello Neighbor latest version. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including what it is, why you should download it, and how to download it.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels and Hologryph, and published by tinyBuild. It was released in 2017 for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. It has also spawned several spin-offs, prequels, sequels, and VR versions.

download hello neighbor latest version


The premise and gameplay of Hello Neighbor

The game is set in a suburban neighborhood, where you play as a curious kid who wants to uncover the secrets of his mysterious neighbor. You have to sneak into his house, avoid his traps and cameras, and outsmart his advanced AI that learns from your every move. You have to explore different rooms, solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately reach the basement, where the truth awaits.

The game is divided into three acts, each with a different setting and objective. The game also features a sandbox mode, where you can create your own scenarios and challenges. The game has a cartoonish and colorful art style, but also a dark and twisted atmosphere. The game is not only scary, but also funny, unpredictable, and immersive.

The different versions and modes of Hello Neighbor

Since its release, Hello Neighbor has received several updates and expansions that add new content and features to the game. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek - A prequel that tells the story of the neighbor's family before the events of the main game.

  • Secret Neighbor - A multiplayer social horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe, where you have to cooperate with other players to escape the neighbor's house, but one of them is secretly the neighbor in disguise.

  • Hello Engineer - A multiplayer machinery-building construction game set in the Hello Neighbor universe, where you have to build incredible machines from scrap and avoid the neighbor.

  • Hello Neighbor 2 - A sequel that follows a journalist who investigates the disappearance of the neighbor and encounters a new AI that can interact with objects and people in different ways.

  • Hello Guest - A VR experience that puts you in the shoes of a night guard at an abandoned amusement park that belongs to the neighbor.

Why download Hello Neighbor latest version?

If you are a fan of stealth horror games, or if you are looking for a new and exciting game to play, then you should definitely download Hello Neighbor latest version. Here are some of the reasons why:

The benefits of downloading Hello Neighbor latest version

  • You will get access to all the latest content and features that the developers have added to the game over time.

  • You will enjoy a smoother and more stable gameplay experience with fewer bugs and glitches.

  • You will be able to play online with other players who have downloaded Hello Neighbor latest version.

  • You will support the developers who have worked hard to create this amazing game.

The features and improvements of Hello Neighbor latest version

Some of the features and improvements that you can expect from downloading Hello Neighbor latest version are:

  • A new act that concludes the story of the neighbor and reveals his true identity.

  • A new mode called Ghost Mode, where you can explore the neighbor's house without being detected by him.

  • A new feature called Photo Mode, where you can take screenshots of your gameplay and share them with other players.

  • A new option to adjust the difficulty level of the game according to your preference.

  • A new interface and menu design that makes the game more user-friendly and accessible.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements that enhance the quality of the game.

How to download Hello Neighbor latest version?

Now that you know what Hello Neighbor is and why you should download it, you might be wondering how to do it. Well, don't worry, because we have got you covered. Here are the steps and tips to download Hello Neighbor latest version:

The requirements and compatibility of Hello Neighbor latest version

Before you download Hello Neighbor latest version, you need to make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements and is compatible with the game. Here are the requirements and compatibility for different platforms:


Minimum Requirements



- OS: Windows 7 or higher- Processor: i5 or better- Memory: 6 GB RAM- Graphics: GTX 770 or better- DirectX: Version 11- Storage: 5 GB available space

- Steam- Epic Games Store- Microsoft Store

Xbox One