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Mumbai Gram Panchayat Act 1958 In Marathi Pdf Free 18 !FREE!

The leader of the Panchayat was often called the president mukhiya, sarpanch, or pradhan, an elected or generally acknowledged position. The modern Panchayati Raj of India and its gram panchayats are neither to be confused with the traditional system nor with the extra-constitutional khap panchayats (or caste panchayats) found in parts of northern India.[3]

Mumbai Gram Panchayat Act 1958 In Marathi Pdf Free 18


Mahatma Gandhi advocated panchayat raj as the foundation of India's political system. It would have been a decentralised form of government, where each village would be responsible for its own affairs.[4][5] The term for such a vision was Gram Swaraj ("village self-governance"). Instead, India developed a highly centralised system of government.[6] However, this has been moderated by the delegation of several administrative functions to the local level, empowering elected gram panchayats.[7] There are significant differences between the traditional Panchayati Raj system, the system envisioned by Gandhi, and the system formalised in India in 1992.[8]


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