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FIFA Soccer 08

At EA SPORTS we believe in identifying the most talented up-and-coming athletes in the world to help us develop the most authentic sports games," said Romain Rossi, Director of Marketing for EA SPORTS. We believe Altidore is one of the next great American soccer stars and Ochoa is winning admiration from many fans for his exceptional ability."

FIFA Soccer 08


FIFA Soccer 08 cover athlete Ronaldinho, one of the most talented and recognizable athletes in the world, will become the first professional soccer player to appear as a customized character exclusively for the Wii, Electronic Arts announced today. EA has created a unique character of the celebrated Brazilian International soccer star that will be playable in FIFA Soccer 08 on Wii.

From the moment you step on the pitch, FIFA Soccer 08 challenges you to think and react like a real soccer player by giving you complete control over all of the action. Control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny the striker yourself, position the goalie exactly where you want on corners, and take complete control to make the save on free kicks. It's now all up to you!Use the stylus and touch pad for ultimate control on free kicks and penalty kicks. Run up and strike the ball, curling a shot around the wall and into the goal. On defense, take control of your goalie and command the wall at the most crucial times. Master your nerves and perfect your shot on penalty kicks to win glory for your club in a new Penalty Shoot-Out mode. This year it is more strategic to break down the opposition than ever before with new defensive and positioning logic that ensures players are in the right place at the right time, constantly considering all threats and opportunities.

French soccer great Platini, then president of European soccer body UEFA and a vice president of FIFA, was invited by then-state president Sarkozy to his official residence. The crown prince of Qatar, now the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, was also there.

Blatter, who went to Moscow during the 2018 World Cup as a guest of Russia while he and Platini were suspended by FIFA from soccer, told the Swiss newspaper reporters he would watch games in the coming weeks on television at his apartment in Zurich.

Expert voices JP Dellacamera, Kate Scott and John Strong will serve as play-by-play announcers for matches on FS1, while soccer champions Aly Wagner, Lori Lindsey, Danielle Slaton and Leslie Osborne provide expert color commentary as match analysts.

From the moment you step on the pitch, FIFA Soccer 08 challenges you to think and react like a real soccer player by giving you complete control over all of the action. The game features enhanced A.I., 30 leagues, Manager Mode improvements, and more.

FIFA Soccer 08 is another yearly update in the soccer franchise and is the the fourth entry to appear on the PSP. It enhances the previous year's edition with new leagues and teams, updated rosters, and new gameplay modes, while retaining all of the established features.The team lineup is the same as on other platforms, adding Australian, Czech and Irish leagues for a total of 30 national leagues, along with 20 clubs from the rest of the world and 43 international teams. Returning game modes include friendlies, manager mode, tournaments, wi-fi multiplayer, challenges (updated for the new season) and the mini-games Juggling and Wall Attack. Manager mode now features friendly matches in the off-season.Introduced in the previous year's console version, the Interactive Leagues mode makes its debut on the PSP in this game. It allows players to play matches of their favorite club against other players according to the real-life schedule. Another new feature is the ability to create custom formations.An entirely new mode is called Football IQ, which is a trivia quiz. It features trivia questions with a diagram of a field next to them. Answering questions correctly moves the ball forward on the field, eventually putting it in the goal, while getting them wrong moves it backwards and lets the other team score. The quiz features several levels, starting with questions about local clubs, then later moving into other leagues.

Spectators will be in for a treat with a combination of the verybest in real and virtual sporting action throughout the day,coupled with appearances by soccer and music celebrities such as aperformance by German hip-hop artist Das Bo. Anthony Baffoe, aformer Ghanaian international and the first African player in theGerman Bundesliga will co-host the event.

TOM GOLDMAN, BYLINE: Excitement among Arab fans at this first Middle East World Cup has been building from the start. There was the early jolt of Saudi Arabia's stunning win over soccer royalty Argentina. Then, as the Saudis faded, Morocco took the baton - finished first in its group and, in Tuesday's knockout round, knocked out Spain, ranked seventh in the world. It pushed the Atlas Lions into uncharted territory - the quarterfinals. Last night, the roaring and horn-honking had subsided in Doha but not the pride. In the city's famous labyrinthine market Souq Waqif, 25-year-old Saudi Faisal al-Kattabi (ph) was wrapped in a red Moroccan flag.

GOLDMAN: As they posed for a photo, they unfurled a Palestinian flag, a flag that's been ubiquitous at this World Cup in the stands and on the field. A jubilant Moroccan team displayed it after the win over Spain. FIFA, soccer's international governing body, has not officially answered questions about what might appear to be a double standard. Those wearing rainbow colors to support LGBTQ communities or sporting messages criticizing Iran's government have met resistance by World Cup organizers. Those carrying the Palestinian flag, which some interpret as a similar type of political statement, have not. Lkhawaja simply says he's very happy it's happening, bringing attention, at this World Cup, to Palestinians' quest for rights and statehood and, perhaps, he said, the next World Cup, played in North America. 041b061a72


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