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Firewire Dvr

This captures video from sources connected via a firewire (also known as - IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus) card and cable. This functionality uses the dvgrab program and the settings for this can be customized by clicking the spanner icon or choosing Settings>Configure Kdenlive. See Configure Firewire Capture.

firewire dvr


I have a powerbook G4 that I loaded up with Leopard (OSX 10.5). I don't have iMovie, since the Leopard version requires an intel mac. I have a Sony Digital 8 Camcorder with firewire and usb output. The usb output requires a special driver on windows. I don't think OSX will support it.

I wish to capture the video stream from the camera on my G4. VLC does not support firewire capture on OSX, I don't want to pay for QT professional. I'm looking for a solution. I'd prefer open source, but I'd consider freeware and inexpensive for pay options.

Hello, We apologize but the program may not be able to recognize the device through the firewire port. In any case we offer a free trial for you to test the program so the best advice is for you to download the program and test it during the trial and if it works as you expect then you may purchase the full version.

Firewire ports (camera or computer) come in two configurations -- 4 pin or 6 pin. Canon's digital video cameras have a 4-pin DV (digital video) port, whereas most firewire capture cards are configured with a 6-pin port. A 4-pin to 6-pin cable would work for most users, but some may have a 4-pin port on their computer, and some may want to transfer their digital video to another digital device which is configured with a 4-pin port. Other users may not have a computer with firewire capability or the resources to process and edit digital video files, which are very large, and therefore they do not need the cable at all.

2) I have another problem that is not solved yet, perhaps you or a reader can speculate on the cause: using a 4-pin-to-4-pin cable from camcorder to laptop does not let Linux see the firewire-device. I got a new cable but no luck. 041b061a72


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