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Artemy Biryukov
Artemy Biryukov

Zerimar - Make It (Official Music Video)

The music video was filmed on a ranch in northern Florida under the direction of Flaco Figueroa and it is clear how challenging it was for the singer to interpret the nuances of life in a violent home, such as desperation and doubt. In general, the feeling of sisterhood can be appreciated both in the lyrics and in the tears during the performance.

Zerimar - Make It (Official Music Video)


When Bruce Dickinson split with Iron Maiden in 1993, he hand picked Roy and Tribe of Gypsies members Eddie Casillas (bass), David Ingraham (drums), and Doug van Booven (percussion) to complete his solo band. Adding a Latin feel to the metal legend's distinctive voice, the resulting album Balls to Picasso is a somewhat eclectic affair, ranging from the power ballad "Tears of the Dragon" (which also received a music video) to the doomy rocker "Cyclops". Although recorded in 1993, the self-titled Tribe of Gypsies debut album did not surface until 1996 when it was finally released on JVC/Victor in Japan. Three more releases followed in quick succession before the band finally toured the U.S. for the first time, supporting Santana on a handful of dates on the Supernatural tour.[1]

Zerimar Films is a cinematic-style wedding videography company based out of Escondido, California. With over 10 years of experience, these professional videographers specialize in capturing the special details that make your wedding unique. They will provide a one-of-a-kind video of your big day that you can watch over and over, and cherish for a lifetime.Services OfferedZerimar Films offers many services to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience. On your big day, you can focus on making memories with your loved ones. The wedding videography services they provide include: 041b061a72


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