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AMD Adrenalin Edition New Update 22.9.1 (2022 F...

The stuttering issues began for me when i installed 22.9.1 . I've a RX6900XT and 5800X. I see there was a quick release of 22.10.1 shortly after the former. I tried to move up to that, but still issues playing any size video in chrome (youtube/twitch mostly). I would have suspected something else on my PC, but when adrenalin crashes and says it has a problem with the video player, and when adrenalin restarts, the problem is gone. however I reboot and the issue returns. just wanted to drop this note because i didnt want support to think the problem solved with 22.10.1

AMD Adrenalin Edition New update 22.9.1 (2022 F...


Yesterday I went to update my video drivers to 22.10.2 from 22.9.1 and now the Adrenaline software no longer opens. When I try to open it I get a delayed write failed error message. What is even worse is no driver works except 22.5.1 now even though I used them in the past. This means I can not use Opengl or super resolution in windowed borderless. This is beyond frustrating I already have tried to get rid of all drivers with DDU and AMDs uninstall and start fresh the same error persist. I have even turned off the group policy to update the drivers. Windows did not have an update so that isn't it. Anyone else run into this or know a fix?

Got mine straight from the AMD driver page. It is always the way I get it last driver I was on before I tried to update was 22.9.1 but that will now produce the same error stuck with 22.5.1 for adrenaline to even load now.

Theflyer777, I am using version 22.9.1 and performance is good while flying the Zibo. There is an update available to 22.10.1, however, I prefer to stick with an acceptable AMD driver unless there is a clear advantage to updating. 041b061a72


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