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FSX - UK2000- VFR Airfields Volume 2

The three volumes of UK Farm Strips by Gerry, originally issued for FS9 have been modified by him to be compatible with FSX. In this FSX version, all parts need to be downloaded, because all of the farms are combined in one scenery volume. Because of the size, it has been split into 3 downloads, all of which are essential. Part 1 is Library Objects 8.45 Mb, part 2 is Textures 19.3 Mb, and part 3 is Scenery 482 Kb. They were originally designed for use with the FS9 Horizon Simulations VFR GM photoscenery of England and Wales, and are still compatible with that scenery. They have been reworked for FSX, and are compatible with the more recent UK photo sceneries. Part 4 with 20 new airstrips for FSX was added to the collection in 2009.

FSX - UK2000- VFR Airfields Volume 2

ANO stands for Air Navigation Obstacles - "sticky up things" to quote the designer of this scenery, Gerry Winskill. Anything which sticks up more than 300 feet above the surrounding terrain is an ANO and Gerry has reproduced them all. In two volumes. Unzip to a temporary directory and follow the included instructions.

I now have complete coverage of England and Wales with photoscenery, trees, and airfields. Scotland is under construction, but you can guarantee that I will purchase the lot when it becomes available!

UK2000 make the best UK airport sceneries, their big airports are very accurate and well detailed, and some of their VFR airfield sets are nice too if you want a lot of smaller airfields for not much cash.

Click here to see the manual.The map below shows the area covered in this volume - click for an expanded version. The exact boundaries of the area covered in the volume may differ slightly from this map when the software is installed in your simulator.

The "VFR Airfields" is a series of smaller and medium seized airfields created by experienced developers. Some of the airfields have been extracted from the well-known "German Airfield" packages, that you can purchase individually now (without having to buy the whole package). Others are completely new developments.


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