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Where To Buy Yerba Mate Online !EXCLUSIVE!

Our signature starter kit features everything you need to get started drinking yerba mate. The kit includes an authentic handmade gourd from Argentina with an aluminum rim, a Matero signature bombilla, and a package of yerba mate. 1 GOURD: A handmade yerba mate gourd with a natural color and an aluminum rim. It's a perfect starter gourd or travel gourd. Every gourd is unique, so actual size and color will vary from gourd to gourd, including the aluminum rim. THE GOURD REQUIRES CURING BEFORE USE. Check out our articles to learn how to cure the gourd. 1 STRAW: High-quality stainless steel straw. The bombilla is 7.5 inches in height. 1 MATE: The yerba mate leaf is produced in the Uruguayan style resulting in an intense flavor with a process that has been improving since 1920.

where to buy yerba mate online


When you drink yerba mate, it is often advisable to have the appropriate yerba mate accessories, since this can significantly improve your enjoyment. Whether you're using a traditional yerba mate container or the more modern mate cup, our website can provide yerba mate accessories to get the most out of your yerba mate experience. For those who like to enjoy their drink outside the home and at different times, our products can also suit those needs. There are different sizes available so you can bring them with you and drink from them when you need a drink.

If you love yerba mate, you might already know that it is an excellent drink. The ritualistic way to enjoy it is by using a Wooden Mate Cup + Yerba Mate Container and a bomba-style tea bag-type filter called a bombilla. Not all people are aware of this, but there are many different types of bombas for different rituals and eating styles. For example, if you're a morning person and want to take your time with your mate drink, we recommend yerba mate containers. Even if you're going on a hike with friends or family who use cups rather than the traditional hollow gourd, try our Brown Yerba mate container and Azucarera.

Ever since ancient times, the Guarani people have gathered around a fire to socialize and pass around the gourd of yerba mate, a custom that has gained massive popularity in United States and Europe.

You often ask us, what is the optimal daily dose of yerba mate and how much can you drink so as not to overdo it? Are there any contraindications to drinking yerba mate? Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut answers to these questions. This is because there are quite a few conditioning factors, the most important of which is the individual predisposition of each and every one of us

Apparently, there is no philosophy. A bombilla is, in theory, just a simple tube ending with a strainer to keep the yerba mate grounds out. It is made of wood or metal, with a straight or curved shape. In practice, this simple tool has an impact on the taste and purity of the brew and the overall feel of drinking yerba mate. A good bombilla is a treasure and an indispensable companion on the yerba mate journey

Green yerba mate has reigned supreme on the European mate market for some time now. Yerba mate green - what is it? What are its characteristics and what made it so successful? How does it differ from the traditional variety? We answer these questions and many more in today's article

Yerba Mate is a South American infusion made from the leaves of Paraguayan holly. In addition to the high content of natural caffeine, yerba mate is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Depending on the composition and presence of additional ingredients, there exist different types of yerba mate. Despalada is devoid of sticks and contains leaves only. Elaborada is a traditional yerba mate with twigs. It has a distinctly bitter flavour. The opposite is the so-called mate green or yerba mate green. It is dried with air, thanks to which it has a lively color and a fresh, mild taste. If you are just starting out, you should opt for yerba mate with fruit or herbs. These types of blends of yerba mate will be perfect for beginners. They have a delicate, balanced taste. The additional ingredients found in yerba mate are usually characterized by pro-health character. Yerba mate to lose weight? A great idea! Yerba mate suppresses appetite and stimulates the digestive system. In conjunction with a healthy diet, it can help you get a slim fit body. In our yerba mate store you will find many herbal and classic yerba mate blends that will help you lose weight!

Our yerba mate store has got a wide range of different types of yerba mate. We also offer all the accessories necessary for mate tea brewing and drinking. Bombilla is a special tube with filter used to separate dregs from a drink. We also have a huge variety of mate cups and gourds for yerba mate. Ceramic gourds are the most popular. It is also worth investing in palo santo gourd made of exotic wood with a wonderful resinous scent.

Yerba mate is a stimulating and nutritious beverage from South America. It is brewed from the leaves of a small tree native to Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. In many parts of South America, yerba mate is much more popular than coffee. People from all walks of life share yerba mate with friends and family on a daily basis.

In North America, yerba mate has a niche as a cutting edge energy herb, but in South America yerba mate is everywhere! You see grandmothers sipping yerba mate at bus stops. Teenagers sipping yerba mate outside night clubs. Families sipping yerba mate at the beach. The grocery stores have a yerba mate aisle with about thirty different brands.

Gram for gram, yerba mate has about as much caffeine as green tea. Not all caffeines are the same, however. The caffeines found in coffee, green tea, and chocolate have slightly different chemical structures and effects on the mind and body. Yerba mate contains a mixture of these three caffeines. It also provides minerals to support nervous system function, as well as B-vitamins to relax muscles. Here is a blog post discussing yerba mate and caffeine in greater detail.

Yerba mate is often dried with smoke. Smoked foods may contain high levels of carcinogenic substances known as PAH's (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). To be on the safe side, you may want to drink an unsmoked yerba mate such as we provide. For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, go here.

A cup of yerba mate brewed at medium strength yields a pH of around 5.5. Be aware that differences in brewing method and water quality will cause variation. For best results, use filtered pH-neutral water and don't steep longer than five minutes.

If you are concerned about the high fluoride content in green tea, yerba mate might be a good alternative. Yerba mate has a lot less fluoride than green tea. An 8 OZ cup of ECOTEAS yerba mate brewed with one 2-gram tea bag yields 0.021 MG of fluoride, which is only one-fifth the fluoride content of the average cup of green tea brewed at similar strength.

Loose yerba mate is also easy to brew. We often tell beginners to pretend they are making a cup of coffee, but use loose leaves instead of ground beans. Add a tablespoon of herb per cup of hot water. Percolators, French presses, espresso makers, strainers, and tea straws all work great.

Yerba Mate is delicious all by itself, but many people like to flavor it. It's an incredibly versatile herb, and it goes great with milks, sweeteners, juices, and other herbs of all kinds. You can make a yerba mate latte, a yerba mate chai, or a yerba mate iced tea with lime. The possibilities are limitless!

Once you get the hang of brewing yerba mate, chances are you'll grow curious about the authentic South American yerba mate experience. In order to share a yerba mate gourd with a circle of friends and family, you'll need a thermos or pitcher, some loose yerba mate, a tea straw, and a gourd.

Now you are ready to pour sips for the friends and family in your yerba mate circle. Each person receives a half-full gourd. They sip right away, drinking all of the tea until the straw gurgles. Then they pass the gourd back to the pourer for refilling.

We source our organic, fair trade yerba mate from a four-generation family farm in the state of Misiones in northeastern Argentina. To read the story of how we discovered this beautiful farm, go here.

We coined the term UNSMOKED to describe the unique drying method that our farmers employ, which uses warm air instead of the typical wood smoke to dry the leaves after harvest. Visit our Unsmoked Yerba Mate blog for more information on the benefits of drying yerba mate with warm air versus smoke.

Our family farmers are committed to ecological farming. Their traditional methods leave dense corridors of native forest intact. We have partnered with our farm to plant thousands of native trees within the yerba mate groves to create shade, stabilize soil, and promote biodiversity.

Malesa is the Spanish word for weed. Conventional yerba mate production frequently uses heavy applications of herbicides to control weeds. Organic yerba mate cultivation relies on fairly-paid workers with machetes. We think the extra cost of organic yerba mate is worth it... for the land, for the workers, and for our bodies.

Yes! Although your tea will get less flavorful and potent with each pour. When drinking yerba mate traditional style, one drinks many small pours of yerba mate in a cup containing a large amount of tea.

The most characteristic infusion of South America is in Europe. In, you will find a great variety of yerba mate from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Fast and efficient shipments to all Europe. Buy with peace of mind in Pampa Drugstore, the largest online store of products from South America.

We have brands as well known as yerba mate La Selva, yerba mate Canarias, yerba mate Playadito, yerba mate Aguantadora, yerba mate Amanda, yerba mate Armiño, yerba mate Cbse, yerba mate Nobleza Gaucha, yerba mate Taragui or yerba mate Cachamate among many others.

Yerba Mate (pronounced YUR-ba MAH-tay) is a small tree related to the holly plant, native to the subtropical highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina where it is considered the national beverage. The light green leaves of this organic tea from South America yield an earthy, vegetative brew with a distinct herbal quality that can almost be characterized as minty. The leaves of this mate are dried by blowing hot air over them instead of the more traditional method of drying over burning wood. This new "smokeless" or "unsmoked" technique enhances the vegetal quality and lends a very light smoky flavor to the brew. 041b061a72


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