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Accel World Episode 5

Set in the year 2046, Neuro-Synchronization allows humans to virtually manipulate their five senses, where people can access the internet and enter virtual worlds via Neuro-Linkers. The series follows Haruyuki "Haru" Arita, a short, fat boy who has low self-esteem due to being bullied at school which Haru vents his frustrations in virtual world games. Haruyuki soon gets the attention of Kuroyukihime, the Student Council Vice-President who invites him into the "Accelerated World" called Brain Burst, a program that allows users to make time appear to stand still in their surroundings by "accelerating" their brainwaves in the real world. But in order to gain more points to accelerate, Brain Burst users fight each other in a virtual reality massive multiplayer online (VRMMO) fighting game where losing all of your points means you can never use Brain Burst again. Grateful for helping him, Haruyuki vows to help Kuroyukihime defeat the "Six Kings of Color", the leaders of the most powerful factions in Brain Burst and obtain Level 10 to ultimately learn why the "Accelerated World" was created.

Accel World Episode 5


The following original video animation episodes are included with the video games Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei and Accel World: Kasoku no Chōten, released by Namco Bandai Games. The PlayStation 3 versions of the games feature the episode in Blu-ray Disc format, whilst the PlayStation Portable versions include the episode on DVD.

Before Kirito's right arm recovered, Silver Crow spread his wings again and rushed in again to swing a big roundhouse kick diagonally upwards, however Kirito blocked it using his left hand and other sword, the Dark Repulser. Kirito used both swords to attack Silver Crow. He then checked Silver Crow's health and found out that his opponent had 40% remaining. Silver Crow then opened his wings, waiting to counter-attack Kirito. Kirito seeing this, begins to charge at the speed of a bullet through a cannon and use Dual blades rush Sword Skill, Double Circular. Kirito, in front of Silver Crow, rotated his body upwards and used his black sword to slash upwards furiously, damaging Silver Crow's left wrist armor and making a rip in it. Kirito then used his white sword to thrust into his neck. Silver Crow caught it by letting the sword penetrate his hand and catching Kirito's fist. Silver Crow then flew and, during acceleration, turned around and threw Kirito to the floor. Silver Crow did a long range roundhouse kick, hitting Kirito even through his block. Silver Crow rushed in again and Kirito blocked with both of his hands, however Silver Crow violently headbutted Kirito's chest. Kirito then began to prepare for his special attack and Silver Crow rushed downwards while Kirito jumped to him. Just as both attacks made contact with each other, Kirito's body turned into white light and he was disconnected.

This episode's bath scene is an adaptation of the second light novel which only provides one illustration of Kozuki Yuniko wearing a White Towel which was revealed to actually be a Pink Towel in the anime. In the manga adaptation which was during chapter 11, Haruyuki's Ofuro had a Unit Bathtub rather than a Drop-In Bathtub like in the anime. The manga version shows Kuroyukihime taking a Shower in an indistinct Ofuro rather than having a Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.

Physical Burst - A command below Physical Full Burst. By consuming five burst points, it does not accelerate your body, but your mind becomes 10 times faster for 3 seconds. Unlike Burst Link, which allows access to matching list, or Physical Full Burst which is a last resort, Physical Burst is merely a tool to become a sports hero or win brawls and look cool. Takumu used this to become a master in kendo in no time, despite being pretty good himself.

Something of a Sword Art Online spin-off cousin, Accel World is based around a much faster game than reality. Set sometime after Sword Art Online, Accel World has cybernetic technology at the base of their skulls to allow people to experience VR reality without any external hardware and use programs with thought. The Accelerated World game allows them to experience time a thousand times faster and fight in a virtual world to gain the points that let them do so.

Possibly the anime that resembles a game the most, Log Horizon is based around a game called Elder Tale. During an expansion upgrade, thousands of players in Japan suddenly found themselves sucked into their avatar bodies. In this world, respawning takes memories of the real world as payment and abilities are voice-activated instead of keyboards. With the Elder Tale world now real, players struggle not to upset the balance of power as they search for a way to return to their world.

Similar to Sword Art Online, the world of The New Gate was a VRMMO where all the players were trapped inside. The manga picks up after the game is cleared. Despite freeing the rest of the players, Shin is still trapped inside the game but now five-hundred years in the future. All limits on his skills have been released, and he searches for comrades rumored to be still in the game. Published monthly, this story is good despite being small.

Sucked into another world, Tagami Yusuke is asked what power he desires. Fresh from an unsatisfying game session, he asks for the ability to customize anything. Despite not being an actual VRMMO, World Customize Creator is similar enough in plot be included in the list. This manga is also published monthly but is several issues ahead of The New Gate. 041b061a72


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