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The Dead Mine

The team arrives at the site of a formerly Dutch operated mine, which had been taken over by the Japanese when they occupied the island in 1942, and turned into a bunker. After being ambushed by pirates, the group are forced inside the bunker where they become trapped after one of the pirates tosses a grenade into the mine entrance, wounding Ario and causing a collapse.

The Dead Mine

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Their search leads to some surprising findings; Rie reveals that the bunker was used as a chemical and biological weapons research facility (based on Unit 731) where the Japanese used prisoners of war as subjects for experiments. The group is stalked by the hazmat suit wearing figures as they progress through the mine. The group breaks up into two separate units; Captain Prawa, Sergeant Papa Snake, Price, and Su-Ling go to search for a way out(and, of course, the gold in the process) while Djoko, Stanley and Rie remain behind to protect Ario.

The story resolves around a group of researchers and mercenaries stumbling across an Abandoned Mine, unaware that it was a former Imperial Japanese research lab and disposal facility of horrifying experiments and bioweapons during World War II. Worse yet, these monstrous test subjects still inhabit the mine. The treasure quest turned into a mission of life and death, the team must face these mysterious and deadly enemies.

Dead Mine is a dungeon located in El Nath Mts., containing mysterious evil power with undead and legendary monsters.It is still unknown how this mine came to be, all that is known is it contains powerful monsters and at the very end of the mine, the spirit of Zakum awaits.

To reach the Dead Mine, one must be level 60 and have the potential of a Hero, to dare step into the very fear itself, since the player will encounter Yetis, Wolvens and even Zombies who worked in the mine previously and died. Further down there is an entrance to the mine itself, abandoned and dangerous with a magmatic environment. The creatures are crawling with lava and fire based elements in them, before finally reaching the lair of Zakum.

  • Dead Mine CG: Prologue is an awesome zombie FPS game in which you must explore an underground mine. The mine has experienced a toxic waste outbreak which has turned the workers into mindless, bloodthirsty zombies! You must explore the mine and try to eliminate them all before they can reach the surface!You carry a powerful shotgun and must blast the zombies into oblivion with carefully timed shots. The graphics of this game are cool, and the survival gameplay is fun and intense. As you progress through the mine, you will see different cut-scenes and watch the story unfold. Can you survive in the Dead Mine? Release DateNovember 2018 DeveloperDead Mine CG:Prologue was made by Test Signal.Features3D first-person shooter game

  • Survival-style gameplay

  • Realistic and detailed zombie models

  • Different scenes to play

  • A shotgun is the main weapon

  • PlatformsWeb browser

  • Android

ControlsPress left mouse button to shoot.AdvertisementShooting

This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Deadmines dungeon:Alliance quests, Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, quests youneed to get before entering the dungeons, and quests you get inside thedungeons. The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single runof the dungeon.

There are a number of quests available to Alliance players in the Deadmines,which are picked up both inside and outside the dungeon. For Horde players, thereare no quests in this dungeon whatsoever.

If you do not want to complete the instance and only want to complete this quest,you can also kill Defias NPCs that are located just outside of the instance. Werecommend doing it once you find a group for the Deadmines, as there are morethan enough bandanas for your whole party.

The DeadminesVC, DM, DMVCThe Deadmines loading graphicLocationMoonbrook, WestfallRace(s) Goblin Human Murloc Ogre WorgenEnd boss"Captain" Cookie (normal)Vanessa VanCleef (heroic)Instance infoTypeDungeonAdvised level15 - 21 (85 Heroic)Minimum level10Player limit5Bosses Glubtok Helix Gearbreaker Foe Reaper 5000 Admiral Ripsnarl "Captain" Cookie Vanessa VanCleef (Heroic-only)

The Deadmines are expansive, winding tunnels dug out under Westfall and part of Northern Stranglethorn. There is even a secret tunnel into Stormwind. It is the lowest level Alliance instance, and is populated by members of the Defias Brotherhood. Its entrance can be accessed in the town of Moonbrook in southwestern Westfall, while its exit is located in the western part of the Dagger Hills near the ocean.

The Deadmines once were the center of the Defias operation, led by the ambitious Edwin VanCleef, who was constructing a juggernaut at the bottom of the mines with the aid of the goblins. His plans were stopped by the Alliance militia and Edwin himself was killed and beheaded. It wasn't the end of the Brotherhood, as his daughter, Vanessa witnessed his death and several years after began to slowly rebuild the organization, waiting for a proper moment to strike back against the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Prior to the First War, the Deadmines were the greatest gold-production center in human lands. However, they were abandoned during the First War. During that time, Lord Lothar ventured into the perilous Deadmines on a quest to obtain the Tome of Divinity but was captured by a band of ogres and held captive for 20 months. He was ultimately rescued and successful in his mission. It was also to the dungeons below the Deadmines to which Blackhand's daughter Griselda fled with the ogre Turok. Both were slain by an orcish raid. At that time, many slimes inhabited the dungeons but have not been encountered lately.

According to legend a famous Japanese military leader Yamashita amassed a great collection of gold during World War II. As the end of the war approached it seems Yamashita hid his treasure in an abandoned bunker, the location of which has remained a mystery until now. Faced with the now closed entrance to the shaft the group must explore deeper into the mine and they soon realise some armed rebels on the outside are the least of their worries!

I was pretty excited to see Dead Mine after checking our the trailer and the behind the scenes feature on cable one time. Learning that it was an original production of HBO Asia got me even more psyched to see this movie. Alas, after spending the better part of two hours navigating the abandoned mine that doubled as a Japanese military headquarters in Indonesia, I felt like the Dead Mine led to nowhere but a dead end.

This is a more difficult counterpart to the human level because the orcs can't heal and the bodies of the enemies here cannot be raised from the dead. Your goal throughout this mission is to setup a tight formation that protects your spearmen. Raiders at the front. Use one raider to lure troops to your formation, generally one at a time.

However,they were abandoned during the First War. During that time, Lord Lotharventured into the perilous Deadmines on a quest to obtain the Tome of Divinitybut was captured by a band of ogres and held captive for 20 months.

Hewas ultimately rescued and successful in his mission. It was also to thedungeons below the Deadmines to which Blackhand's daughter Griselda fled withthe ogre Turok. Both were slain by an orcish Dungeon. At that time, many slimesinhabited the dungeons but have not been encountered lately.

Ifyou are interested in defeating the bosses that drop thoses loots, you are in theright place. Check out the loot guides below to help determine the bestside to farm The Deadmines based onwhat is available for you.

TheDeadmines are home to the notorious Defias Brotherhood, and several of its moreimportant members are stationed hereDiscoverwithout further delay the complete list of encounters considered important inthis instance!

We are very much interested in your experiences and opinions. Please donot hesitate to share your comments below and share this Deadmines dungeon guide in WoW Classic to your friends. Goodday.

This expansion features 35 collectible cards. Deadmine cards can be recognized with a special watermark (the United in Stormwind logo emerging from a card) behind the card text, not found on other cards.

A body of one of the miners is carried out of the mine pit of the Chenjiashan coal mine in Shaanxi Province in the early hours of Wednesday. It has been confirmed all of the over 100 trapped underground in the explosion were dead, bringing the death toll in the accident to 166. [Xinhua]

Zhao Tiechui, deputy director of the State Supervision and Administration for Work Safety and head of the disaster's investigation group, said his group will find out the cause behind the accident, its nature and the direct economic losses. The group will also distinguish responsibility, propose precautionary measures, and name persons responsible."It is the worst disaster in China's coal industry in 44 years, after the gas explosion which killed 187 miners on November 28, 1960 in the Longshanmiao Coal Mine of Pingdingshan, Central China's Henan Province," Zhao said at the group's meeting on Friday.The gas blast took place in the early morning of November 28,at the Chenjiashan Coal Mine in Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province in Northwest China.Over the past days, the investigation group guided the rescue work, and has consulted some information and materials regarding the mine's design and production and safety plans, Zhao said.At present, 35 bodies have been sent out from the underground tunnel, but searching for other dead miners had to be stopped because of four new gas blasts underground on December 2, said Huo Shichang, spokesman for the disaster rescue headquarters."Fortunately, the blasts did not harm any of the 61 rescuers underground, but again destroyed the just-recovered ventilation system," Huo said at a news briefing on Friday.Zhang Tiegang, an expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who headed the accident group, said at the briefing that the four blasts were caused by flames underground and the best way for rescue work is to pour water into the tunnel."In this way, we can put out the fire safely, and can also protect the bodies of the dead miners underground. In order to avoid new injuries and deaths, the searching rescuers should not go into the tunnel again before the fire is put out," Zhang said.He said the process of water pouring would take 10 days or more, and the water which easily puts out the fire and dilutes gas density will be drained away soon.


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