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Perfect Family [Update 2]

My wife Judy and I live in Connecticut and have been coming to Lake St. Catherine with our children since 1993. Our time at The Lake has provided us with a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. Our family has made many memories together at The Lake and we look forward to making many more in the years to come.

Perfect Family [Update 2]

Tall Trees is a very special and unique property on Lake St. Catherine. The Main House was built in 1915, one of the original "camps" on the Lake. The property is fairly secluding owing to its location at the very end of Kinni Kinnic Lane. Over time the Lakeview House and the Little Cottage were added to create a true family compound. The abundant shoreline and wealth of "Tall Trees" provide add to the sense of seclusion and to the true Lake/Mountain experience.

What is unique about this property for us and for others who experience it is the ability to utilize more than one home to accommodate your friends and family. Sure, we all get along but, there are times when, at the end of the day, it is nice to retire to your own place for a good nights sleep.

No life is perfect. No family is perfect. No spouse is perfect. No home is perfect. We all have struggles. We all have brokenness. We all fail. We all sin. (Rom. 3:23) That is true of every person and every family.

People sometimes look at my family and think there's something picture-perfect about us. I know this because people tell me. And though I would never want to minimize the profound blessing of beautiful children and a husband who is a godly, great guy, the truth is that my family is not perfect, and neither is yours. Up close, you'll see all the ways that our fur is less than sparkling white. And up close, I'll see all those things about you, too.

Years ago when I was a university student, I was part of a small church plant. We all spent lots of time at our pastor's home. Their home was always peaceful, grace-filled, and orderly. Though they never tried to present themselves this way, they were a picture-perfect family in many ways.

This does not mean that there aren't individuals, married couples, or families that aren't truly grace-filled. There are! Your family or my family might even be one of them. This is a subtle but important point because sometimes it actually takes more humility to see the ways that we're doing well than it does to see the ways we continue to fail.

There really are people and families that overflow with God's grace. When we see the beauty of Christlikeness, whether in an individual or in a marriage, we ought to identify it, be inspired by it, and even pattern ourselves after it. (1 Cor. 11:1) Acknowledging that we're all sinners and encounter struggles is not to say that maybe your family or my family isn't one that has truly known grace and growth. It's just that, even while seeing the beauty and grace of another, we ought to remember this simple but easy to miss reality: my family isn't perfect and neither is yours.

What this does mean is that when your friend posts a picture of the red roses her husband spontaneously brought home for her, you don't need to wonder why her life is perfect and yours isn't. Her life may be good. It may even be great, or it may not be. A picture or a status doesn't have the capacity to communicate complexity. (Of course it doesn't! Of course a real live panda bear wouldn't be dazzling white, right?)

One thing is certain: that friend of yours, she has her own set of struggles, her own sorrows, her own shortcomings, her own sin. And far from taking any delight in the reality that her life is imperfect, you can simply be free to rejoice alongside of her that her husband did something sweet for her. Remembering that we're all imperfect can be wonderfully freeing. It can free us from comparison, and it can free us to genuinely delight in the sweet words or pictures that our friends post.

When we get this truth, it becomes much more instinctive to truly rejoice in the good moments that belong to others. We become free to post images without the pretense of pretending we are perfect. More importantly, we become free to enjoy the good things given to others without continually comparing ourselves to our friends.

Or when that other friend posts a picture of her date night with her husband and they both look beautiful and happy? They're not claiming a perfect marriage but just enjoying a night out. It's so incredibly freeing, not to mention biblical, to be happy with those who are happy. (Rom. 12:15)

What does a perfect family mean to you? Is it a family who enjoys watching football games together every evening? The traditional family, who runs a farm and eats a homemade meal every day? A prestigious family who runs a successful family business and receives the perfect education? Or perhaps, a savvy family who often goes on road trips and daily life activities to upload it on social media?

The Guide to the Perfect Family (originally known as Le Guide de la Famille parfaite) is a French-language dramedy that unfolds the struggle and pressures of parenting in modern society, glorifying success and social media image. It perfectly captures the issues and pitfalls of a parent who earnestly tries to gives their best for their children.

Directed by Canadian director Ricardo Trogi, it offers an interesting screenplay, engaging stories, and a great cast. The movie starts with parents meeting at school. Each parent relentlessly demands and debates about the perfect system to educate their children, from using high-end technology, to the selections of snacks, to the colors of uniforms to the enrollment of trans students. Later, we get to see a picture-perfect family who lives in Quebec. Two parents, two children, big house, great job, outstanding children performance. It perfectly visualizes the standard of a perfect family in a big city.

It's not just a decor gift, it holds special meaning to the family history. The constellations correspond with a specific date to commemorate a sentimental moment. You can even customize the colors and fonts to your liking.

You can't go wrong with a gift basket. This one comes with sweet pears, apples, artisan cheese and dried meat, so the entire family can enjoy a little something from it. FYI: This one also ships for free!

Parents need to know that The Perfect Family is a 2022 Spanish dramedy about a woman who learns that in having become the perfect wife and mother, she has lost herself. Only when the family explodes can she, her husband, son, and in-laws recover themselves and see each other as they are. Given the subject matter, this may not have much appeal for kids. Adults drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and have an extramarital affair (no nudity). Language includes "f--k," "s--t," "bastard," "bitch," "ass," "hell," "damn," "pee," "suck," and "piss." In Spanish with English subtitles.

THE PERFECT FAMILY is populated by far-from-perfect characters, including the rigid and critical Lucia (Belen Rueda), the upper-class, prim, and proper wife of astronomy professor Ernesto (Gonzalo de Castro) and mother of lawyer Pablo (Gonzalo Ramos). Pablo lives at home and is terrified to tell his parents he's engaged to Sara (Carolina Yuste), the outgoing and crude daughter of a bus driver. Ernesto doesn't know where the refrigerator is or how to use the microwave until his wife goes away for a few days. Sara's mom is too loud and casual for Lucia's taste and the families are at odds after their first meeting. Soon Lucia is thrown together with Sara's father, Miguel (Jose Coronado). As they shop for the wedding dress and make other preparations, they discover an ungovernable passion that culminates shockingly at their children's wedding. There and then, he announces his new love to his wife, Amparo (Pepa Aniorte), while Lucia protests that she can't explode her entire life over an unexpected hormonal spike. When she talks about it with Ernesto, his tepid response lights the TNT and she leaves him, finds a dirty apartment, and gets a job. What will become of Lucia?

Lucia, played by the luminous Belen Rueda, starts as a critical, controlling, emotionless automaton as she knee-jerk recoils at the coarse ways of her in-laws-to-be. When no longer shackled to that preposterous character, Rueda glows, now embodying the new Lucia, a picture of acceptance, warmth, passion, and understanding. All it took, the filmmakers seem to suggest, was having an affair and cleaning a filthy toilet. Lucia seems far warmer and happier as a working woman than as a privileged housewife and mom, and it's catching. Eventually her family and in-laws change, too, and come together in peace and appreciation. It's not where the movie seemed to be taking us at the start, but it's good that it got us there.

Taking the family to the beach can create lifelong memories, as long as every member of the family is satisfied. To help you choose a beach destination for your next family vacation, U.S. News considered factors like safe waters, kid-friendly attractions, dining options, spacious accommodations and multigenerational appeal to determine the best family beach vacations in the U.S. Weigh in by voting below, then use this list to plan your upcoming travels. And don't forget to pack your beach tent.

This Florida town's family-friendly vibe and impressive beaches entice multigenerational groups year after year. The stark white sand and calm jade water at Henderson Beach State Park and the Shores at Crystal Beach Park are picture-perfect, and young naturalists will love exploring the tide pools at Norriego Point. Plus, many Destin resorts cater to kids, so parents can relax while the little ones play. Boat tours are also a great way to spend some quality time with the family; all ages will have fun looking for jumping dolphins, and the kids will have a blast on a pirate-themed cruise.

Hilton Head, South Carolina, is perfect for families looking to slow down. Beat the heat (temps reach into the 90s in the summer) at stretches of sand like Driessen Beach Park and the ever-popular Coligny Beach Park. For a break from the sand, take a stroll (or bike ride) through Harbour Town and climb to the top of the lighthouse. Golf courses, tennis courts and hiking and biking options abound as well, giving your family abundant ways to stay active on vacation. 041b061a72


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