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[S2E13] You Can't Save Them All [VERIFIED]

In the prison world, Alaric is fighting his former students, when the powered-up Josie saves him from Jade, somehow reactivating her humanity. They find Lizzie, who crashed the car and is hurt. Alaric takes her to the hospital, where Josie absorbs the dark magic inside her, while the reformed Jade talks Alaric through stopping the bleeding thanks to her EMT training. Realizing that some of her memories are missing, Josie casts the Japanese spell to restore the memories of everyone in the prison world. Jade talks to Diego and Wendy and convinces them to stop trying to attack the Saltzmans. Josie tells Alaric that she can siphon the magic of the prison world and open a doorway back to the real world, but someone would have to stay behind to anchor the place. Alaric says that he will stay behind.

[S2E13] You Can't Save Them All

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Back at the hospital, Alaric is performing emergency surgery on Lizzie, guided by Jade. Jade points him to a "Laughlin Clamp" on the tray, and Alaric remarks that Lizzie's mother invented it. He is able to stabilize Lizzie, and Alaric thanks Jade. Josie awakens shortly after, and Jade questions what happened, Josie reveals that she can't remember and someone is missing from her memory. With this, Jade hands Josie the letter from Kai, and upon reading it, she realizes that the person missing must've been consumed by Malivore. Josie casts a spell that puts the three of them into a sleep-like state.

When Hope returns to the physical plane, Kai is waiting for her. He asks how it went, but Hope tells him that she couldn't reach them. Kai finds the ascendant hidden within one of Alyssa's teddy bears, and tells Hope that all she needs is something equal to the power of a celestial event. Hope reveals she knows something, but they must go off-campus to find it. Hope brings them Hope tells Kai to look for a box with the Salvatore logo on and whilst he is looking, she attempts to stake him, but he is able to block her with magic. A fight ensues, but Hope realizes that Kai is distracting her. Kai reveals that Alyssa is casting a spell to cut the ties between Kai and the Prison World, which means the Prison World will implode. Kai reveals that he compelled Landon to walk into the path of a golden arrow, and that they will see if the prophecy is true. Kai tells her that she can't save them both and must make a choice between the Saltzmans and Landon.

Hope and Landon lie together, and Hope apologizes for not choosing Landon. Nevertheless, Landon tells her that the decision to save six lives over one was the right choice, and he isn't sure he would've been able to make the same decision. Hope remarks sarcastically that she can't fly, though, and asks Landon what it is like; he promises to take her for a flight someday, but she is already asleep.

Everyone is split up but trying to make it to the exits. Katrina and Hannah make it out just fine. Ramse is rescued by a dude dressed like one of the bad guys who says to follow him if Ramse wants to find The Witness. Deacon sacrifices himself to save Jennifer, trying to make amends for killing her older self. While escaping though, Jennifer accidentally gets splintered to god knows where/when. Cassie and Cole are just about to make it out of Titan when a gang of bad guys jumps them at the last second. The two tussle and fight but ultimately Cole is shoved out of Titan while Cassie is dragged back in. Suddenly, Titan splinters and Cassie and Cole have been separated again.

When Charlie is killed, Cole and Railly are automatically splintered from 1957 to 2045. Jones has been revived, since Cole's changing the timeline prevented the temporal storms from killing her. She briefly recounts the year she spent alone since everyone else left for Titan, during which she fought off scavengers and acquired a dog. She then uses the time machine to transport all of them to Titan to save Ramse, setting the machine to automatically splinter them back after a set period.

Later, when she helps save Lily's life, she realizes that something is missing from her memory, and therefore must mean that someone has been consumed by Malivore. They are next seen at the Salvatore Boarding House and she reveals that the Prison World is made of magic, therefore can be siphoned in order to allow them a way out; she formalizes a plan that allows her family and friends to escape, whilst she remains behind. When it comes to finally performing the spell to allow her family to escape, she is successful in allowing Alaric, Lizzie, Lia, Lily, Jade, and Wendy return to Mystic Falls, but is approached by Sebastian before the spell is finished. Sebastian tells her to tell Lily something a better man would say, and then touches her, becoming the anchor to the spell and allowing her to return home. When she returns home, it appears that the dark magic has been left behind and Josie has returned to her former self.

Meanwhile, the others spot the herd approaching. Lori notices that Carl is missing, and begins to panic. Daryl knows that they can't simply hide in the basement, as a herd of that size could tear the house down trying to reach them. The rest of the group formulate a plan to use their guns to kill as many as they can, and use their cars to lead the rest of them away. Daryl doubts they'll be able to fend off a herd of that size, but Hershel stands firm. "This is my farm.", he retorts. "I'll die here." 041b061a72


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