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For our part, Stacker wanted to touch down on every corner of film history, so we curated a list of 110 monumental movies and why you need to see them. The priority in making this list was to create a holistic collection of significant films throughout history, meaning blockbuster epics and art-house favorites alike. Numerous academic sources were reviewed, as were a full slate of directors, genres/subgenres, decades, countries, trends, technical achievements, themes, narrative devices, and more.

Citylights Full Movie Download 72042l

If movies like "The Graduate" and "Bonnie and Clyde" opened the door to a new kind of American cinema, "Easy Rider" fulfilled the transition. Directed by and starring Dennis Hopper, it sends two drug-dealing hippie bikers on an odyssey across the country. Released just as the 1960s dream was coming to a close, it ends on a fitfully shocking note.

Blending satire and surrealism, Luis Buñuel's absurdist comedy follows a group of upper-class companions from one thwarted get-together to the next. As a series of inexplicable events prevents each guest from finishing his or her meal, the threshold between reality and fantasy collapses. Purposefully ambiguous, the movie skewers bourgeoisie society by getting almost literally under its skin.


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