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Competency-based qualifications approaches incorporate required proficiency levels for competencies that may be used to qualify talent. Agencies can identify through a job analysis and following the guidance in the Delegated Examining Operations Handbook, Chapter 2, KSAs/competencies for their positions. OPM provides tools and resources for agencies to develop and implement competency-based qualification requirements. OPM will continue work with agencies to ensure they have the rights policy, tools, and guidance to employ competency-based assessments and practices. This is part of a larger OPM effort to revise the way OPM establishes qualification requirements to encourage agencies to measure the critical competencies required to perform effectively in Federal occupations and to transition Federal agencies to use competency-based assessments in the hiring process.

ral to ansi conversion

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Modifying experience requirements for certain inservice placement actions -- An agency may determine that an individual can successfully perform the work of a position even though that person may not meet all the requirements in the OPM qualification standard. In that situation, agencies are authorized to modify OPM qualification standards for reassignments, voluntary changes to lower grades,transfers, reinstatements, and repromotions to a grade not higher than a grade previously held when the applicant's background includes related experience that provided the KSAs/competencies necessary for successful job performance. This authority should be used only when there is a reasonable likelihood that the employee will successfully make the transition to the new position and cannot be used for directed reassignments to positions in which an employee obviously would not be able to perform the work.


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