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Des O Neill Gamsat Prep Pdf 55 |WORK|

I wrote another whole article on the topic which you can read here - Gamsat Knowledge Vs Reasoning but suffice to say here in this quick introduction that the consensus is to be prepared for whatever Gamsat throws at you.

Des O Neill Gamsat Prep Pdf 55

Research has conclusively shown that the more you practice a particular type of test, the better you perform in those tests. Even when the test is supposed to be of a type that you can't "prepare" for such as a pure reasoning test.

In addition to the biology, chemistry and physics lessons available, if you look on the menu you'll see it also has science lessons specifically for the American MCAT test which is an entry test for medical school in the USA which tests science to a similar level as the GAMSAT. It also has practice questions although the MCAT is much more based on memorized information than GAMSAT so these are not so useful for your GAMSAT prep as the lessons themselves.

Another valuable preparation strategy for section 3 preparation is to do as many practice tests and practice questions that you can get your hands on! Really, the more exposure you can get to the different question types that are out there, the better.

yeah prep time depends on the person, I have friends who did not prep at all and got 90+, I have friends who prepped for years and are still not getting the mark they want. I spent around 3 months I think. My advice is that it's quality over quantity, learning the reasoning, over learning the content. (once you have learned the basic content ofc like yr 12 physics, first year bio and chem)

I did a few weeks of prep, and I had no choice but to start with the basics, using Khan Academy and a secondary school textbook. I only covered a little under 1/3 of the chem syllabus before sitting the exam.

Ensure that you test your understanding in each of the key areas of chemistry and that you revisit topics where you find you are more often getting questions wrong as this can signify a lack of understanding of the fundamental knowledge that allows you to successfully determine the correct answer. When you encounter this problem, flag this topic and as soon as you can, return to your study resources and revise and test your understanding of these concepts until you feel confident to tackle the section 3 practice questions successfully. Do not fall into the trap of wasting time on working out how to solve a particular question type when you do not have the fundamentals fully covered, as this will simply slow down your preparation and will do little to help you when you actually sit section 3.

If however, you have had insufficient time to study physics and you have spent time preparing for chemistry and biology and nothing else, it is possible to guess physics questions you are not confident in. It is important though, to be strategic in your guessing strategies as it is likely that ACER can tell when you are guessing. For example, you may get most of the questions in a stem wrong and guess a later question right, however, for many stems, the first couple questions are much easier than the last few, therefore ACER can extrapolate that you may have guessed the answer. You will still get a mark but it could be weighted less, as a result, try to be strategic if you must guess and give it your best shot.

One important thing to remember is the timing of the GAMSAT: section 3 is the final and longest section and will be an undeniable laborious final stretch to the finish line. However, section 3 also comes directly after a 30-minute break. Therefore, being aware of this is crucial for planning out your break time wisely. To get the most out of your break and prepare yourself for the final section, make sure to take the time to reset and de-stress. That could be through meditation, breathing, stretching, or whatever method works best for you. Remind yourself not to rethink what has already happened in the previous sections, as some students begin to over think and start stressing, but ultimately, what has happened has happened and cannot be changed, so the ideal thing to do is to simply focus on doing your very best for the final stretch and to give yourself encouragement.

Also, try to fit some time in your break to do some stretching and/or walking around to get the blood flowing, as you will have been sitting down continuously since the beginning of the GAMSAT. It is ideal to get oxygen pumping around the body to get you feeling invigorated and energised: prepared for the final challenge that the GAMSAT will be throwing your way.

Personalize your preparation plan: what works for everyone else may not be effective for you! Finally, do not forget the benefit of passive preparation to complement active practice, and ensure that you have a well-thought-out plan of action for the big day.


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