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Beauty Is A ComebackAmerica's Next Top Model : ...

Marvin got to stay in the Tyra Suite after having received a best photo, which he chose to share with Don. Cory became irritated because he felt that the other guys in the competition were acting like a bunch of hormonal teenagers. The next day, the models were taken to a penthouse. Tyra and Rob came in to teach them a lesson on how to create chemistry in their photos. The models began practicing the three rules of sexual chemistry, fresh breath, tension and inhale. Then, the models are paired up to showcase what they have learnt. A lot of the couples were pretty good at selling this, with the exception of Phil, who felt uncomfortable partnering with Alexandra. The models were told that they were doing a risqué photo shoot, and that they were going to be working in pairs with Rob and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Beauty Is a ComebackAmerica's Next Top Model : ...

The next day the contestants went to a club where they met Johnny and a special guest, the editor of Nylon magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. He told the models that they would be doing a fashion show on a rotating platform. Mike received some tips from Johnny about his runway walk, since he had the worst walk in the competition. Backstage Johnny introduced the models to their stylists Ashton Michael and Kimberley Gordon, who were also going to judge their walks. Nina began to worry because she had sprained one of her ankles during casting week. She worried that she would be unable to participate in the challenge. Instead of backing out from the challenge, she tried wrapping her ankle to see if that would help with her walk without the risk of getting hurt. Chris H. comforted Nina and told her that she was very strong. During the show, Jourdan, Renee, Phil and Chris H. excelled. Jeremy and Mike struggled most, both Ashton and Kimberley agreed that they had been the worst. In the end, Jourdan was revealed to be the winner of the challenge. As a reward, she was allowed to keep her wardrobe from the show. She was also given the opportunity to make an appearance on Nylon TV. Back at the house the models were able to see their scores from the challenge. Mike and Jeremy had the lowest scores, which made Jeremy extremely worried.

The models went to their next photo shoot, where they would be posing in a trailer park with a Honey Boo Boo impersonator in groups. The models were allowed to choose their partners for the shoot, which left Jeremy, Kanani and Don to work as a trio. During the shoot, Jourdan, Chris H., Cory, Nina and Phil received praise from the photographer. Jeremy struggled, and Mike was chastised for not doing his best. Marvin was also criticized for having the same facial expression in each shot.

The following day the models met Johnny, who announced that the theme of the photo shoot would be a beauty shot focusing on nail art. They also met photographer Franco Lacosta. After being given different themes, the contestants began to get their nail art and make-up applied. Jeremy irritated Jourdan for teasing her about the kiss they had the previous week at the shoot. Still mad about the events that had taken place earlier, Nina proceeded to ignore Chris H. the whole time. During the shoot, Renee, Marvin, Jourdan, and Don excelled. Nina and Kanani struggled with their concentration during their sessions. Johnny became displeased with Jeremy's performance, while Phil was chastised for failing to look more masculine.

The next day, while working out, Jeremy confronted Chris and recalled their past experiences while they were met in Bali. Jeremy pointed out that he was shown by Chris's lack of respect. Everyone in the house started listening to their drama while Nina was sleeping sound. The photoshoot came where they had to model designs by a deaf 11-year old designer, Rafi A. Ridwan and Oka Diputra in a Rice Paddy. The models showed their high-fashion abilities to Tyra for a 10-second pose teach. Jourdan, Cory and Marvin excelled and proved their modelling abilities in the shoot while Chris was criticized for being bad tempered and performing lackluster and Nina for not knowing to connect her body and face. Jeremy was told to not having the ability to work his body. Also, Renee was constantly told of her flat expression and inability to stand out.

After the photoshoot, they head to Ubud into two teams in three, Chris, Cory, Nina and Renee went to a healing and cleansing trip while Jourdan, Jeremy and Marvin toured around Ubud Monkey Forest. They were housed to the elephant village where tensions rose again while the bed assignment was done. Chris felt he was not assigned properly which prompted Jeremy to be the mature one. Jourdan, Nina and Cory shared the big bed, Marvin and Renee shared the couches, Jeremy slept on the small couch on the room and Chris made his own. The next day, the models rode some elephants where Marvin and Renee; who have the nickname of "Marnee", kissed. They then went back to the hotel and were greeted by the skull Mail. Again, a 'no one is safe' letter was sent, leaving them guessing for a double elimination.

The next day, the models meet with Tyra and Yu Tsai for their first photo shoot, where they will be splashed with buckets of water. It is explained that the shoot will consist of two parts: the first is filming for the season's opening titles, and the second is taking still photos that will be used for scoring. After Tyra films her parts, the models take their turns. Will ultimately struggles with his insecurities about his body once again, while Mirjana is chastised for looking too sexy. Raelia has flashbacks of her almost drowning in the past, and Ivy has trouble coping with the cold temperatures of the water. Keith, Romeo, Kari, and Lenox receive praise during their session.

At judging, Tyra reminds the models that since there is no challenge score for the week, their fan vote will be the only determining factor as to who gets eliminated once it's added to the judges scores. Lenox, Will, and Raelia and are given good reviews for their photographs. Ben receives the best feedback, and consequently earns best photo. Adam, Shei, Kari and Chantelle receive the heaviest criticism. Chantelle and Kari find themselves in the bottom two. Chantelle is critiqued on not putting her beauty to good use in photographs, while Kari is reprimanded for her lack of neck in photos, and her inability to embrace her make over. In the end, Chantelle was eliminated.

Tyra teaches the models about being sexy for a commercial before they asked to practice what they have learned. Raelia, Keith, and Will shine during the practice run, while Adam struggles to find the correct movement. Tyra evidently becomes irritated after Lenox gives up in the middle of her practice session. The next Morning, Yu Tsai wakes up the models and reveals that they will be doing a commercial in pairs for a fragrance, Spyder Byte with the women embodying black widow spiders and the men posing as their victims. At the shoot, Will, Matthew, Keith, Mirjana, Romeo, and Raelia excel. Denzel and Kari struggle at finding chemistry with each other, due to Denzel becoming distracted by Mirjana, who is giving all her attention to Keith. Lenox struggles to embody the sexual character, while Adam struggles with movement once again.

Miss J drops by the house for a sleepover with Lenox, Raelia and Shei. Will expresses annoyance over the fact that Lenox received best photo instead of him. The three girls receive a brief runway and dancing lesson from Miss J Much like during the teach with Tyra some weeks before, Lenox is hesitant to let herself go. Before leaving, Miss J announces that the contestants will attend castings for Style Fashion Week the next day. The models are greeted again by Miss J and NEXT director Alexis Borges at L.A. Live for Style fashion week. They reveal that they will be attending castings for Betsey Johnson, Control sector, Altaf Maaneshia for the girls, and Civil society for the guys. Shei books the most shows at three. Keith, Raelia and Will book two. Adam, Lenox and Mirjana book one, while Denzel books none.

Notably, the "British Invasion" season featured publicist Kelly Cutrone behind the judges' table. Tensions between Cutrone and British model Louise Watts simmered and then boiled over when the two clashed over Watts' running on the set. When Cutrone lit into her during a judging session, Watts decided she'd had enough and stormed out. Filmed outside next to a parked car, Watts was emotional, tearful and furious, declaring that if she ran into Watts on the street she'd "knock her out." Sure, the moment was full of the kind of high drama that viewers of reality TV lap up, but was that what viewers wanted from this show? 041b061a72


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