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Watch Jazbaa Movie Hindi Dubbed MP4 Online or Download for Free

Download Jazbaa Movie Hindi Dubbed MP4: A Guide for Bollywood Fans

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of Jazbaa, a 2015 crime thriller film starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan. The film is a remake of the 2007 South Korean film Seven Days, and it follows the story of a lawyer who has to defend a criminal in exchange for her kidnapped daughter's life. Jazbaa was well-received by critics and audiences alike, and it marked Aishwarya Rai's return to the big screen after a five-year hiatus. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Jazbaa movie, and how you can download it in Hindi dubbed MP4 format.

Download Jazbaa Movie Hindi Dubbed Mp4

What is Jazbaa Movie?

Jazbaa is a Hindi word that means passion or emotion. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta, who is known for his stylish and gritty movies. The film also features Shabana Azmi, Jackie Shroff, Atul Kulkarni, and Chandan Roy Sanyal in supporting roles. The film has a runtime of 123 minutes, and it was released on October 9, 2015.

Plot Summary

Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai) is a prominent criminal lawyer and a single mother who has never lost a case. On the day of a parent-child race organized in her daughter Sanaya's (Sara Arjun) school, Sanaya is kidnapped. The kidnapper contacts Anuradha and tells her that she has to defend a convicted felon named Niyaz Shaikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal) in order to get her daughter back. Niyaz is accused of raping and murdering a young woman named Sia (Priya Banerjee), who was the daughter of a powerful politician named Mahesh Maklai (Jackie Shroff).

Anuradha has only four days to prove Niyaz's innocence, while also trying to find out who is behind the kidnapping. She seeks the help of her friend Yohan (Irrfan Khan), who is a suspended cop with a troubled past. Together, they uncover a web of corruption, conspiracy, and revenge that involves not only Niyaz and Sia, but also Anuradha's own past.

Cast and Crew

The cast of Jazbaa movie includes:

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Anuradha Verma

  • Irrfan Khan as Yohan

  • Shabana Azmi as Garima Chaudhary

  • Jackie Shroff as Mahesh Maklai

  • Atul Kulkarni as DCP Parab

  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Niyaz Shaikh

  • Priya Banerjee as Sia

  • Sara Arjun as Sanaya Verma

  • Siddhanth Kapoor as Sam Maklai

  • Ankur Vikal as Pintya Chaubey

The crew of Jazbaa movie includes: b70169992d


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