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Existem Atlantis: The Lost Continent Online

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Existem Atlantis: The Lost Continent Online

In 1914, Milo Thatch, a cartographer and linguist at the Smithsonian Institution is marginalized for his research on Atlantis. Milo's late grandfather, Thaddeus Thatch, who was an archaeologist, had been scorned by the academic community remarking his conviction in Atlantis as disillusioned. Milo is determined to vindicate his grandfather's theory. He believes to have found the location of The Shepherd's Journal, an ancient manuscript that contains directions to the fabled lost continent written by Aziz, a nomadic shepherd, who happened upon Atlantis in 640 B.C. and was force out of Atlantis for unknown reasons; his discovery was passed to many notable others then his findings are preserved somewhere in Iceland. Though the museum board declines Milo's proposal to search for the journal, a mysterious woman, Helga Sinclair, introduces Milo to Preston B. Whitmore, an eccentric millionaire, and lasting best friend of Milo's grandfather. Whitmore has already funded a successful effort to retrieve the journal as repayment of a debt to Thaddeus, recruiting Milo to lead an expedition to Atlantis, as soon as he receives it. Milo immediately accepts the task. Whitmore also built a journeymen task force 200 - strong, equipped with military grade weapons and munitions.

Atlantis, of course, existed and was where Plato places it in Timaeus. Atlantis was located right in the mid-ocean ridge of the Atlantic, at the point where the African / Eurasian is moving away from the corresponding North / South American plate. As is well known, due to the distance between the plates, the Atlantic Ocean grows 2 cm each year. The Azores and the Antilles may be remnants of Atlantis (mountain peaks that remained or even new islands that emerged). According to Plato's testimony, which is historical and recorded in Timaeus and Kritias, there are hundreds of traditions on the other side of the Atlantic. For all the peoples of both sides of the Atlantic there is the myth of Atlantis, which means that in the memory of ancient people the existence of the continent was abolished and that the myth - that is, oral history and tradition - was lost in the centuries.

These resemblances are so striking and so numerous that repeated attempts have been made to prove that the inhabitants of America are the descendants of the Jews; some have claimed that they represented "the lost tribes" of that people. But the Jews were never a maritime or emigrating people; they formed no colonies; and it is impossible to believe (as has been asserted) that they left their flocks and herds, marched across the whole face of Asia, took ships and sailed across the greatest of the oceans to a continent of the existence of which they had no knowledge. 781b155fdc


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