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[S3E4] The Curse Of The Golden Master

When arriving back in Shanghai, Mo Fan tells ling ling the story of what happened at the parthenon and is immediately happy because when she isn't going on an adventure with mo fan, old bao requires her to go to school. She states that yan ji requires a strong source of fire to awaken yan ji from the fruit and that he is in luck. The master of the golden hunter group, the group that was slaugthered in mass on chongming island by salan's subordinates, is planning an expedition into an abandoned desert city with a nearby fire mountain and has been wanting to meet Mo Fan. She tells that they are going to need more than just the 2 of them so Mo Fan calls up mu nu jiao for support and has zhang xiou hou wait for them at the desert due to him being stationed at the other side of the country. At the airport, they are surprised to find that one of the hunters joining them on the mission is their old friend Jiang Shaoxu. She states that her brother dissapeared in the area and wants to take a look. On the plane, the veteran hunters of the golden hunter group question why some young guy along with 3 young women are coming with them and getting angry due to their arrogance. Mo Fan thinks that he has a point, as while the students have the international tournament, all the worlds hunters compete in the hunter games, something far more brutal and that hunting relies on experience more than cultivation. After getting of the plane near the desert, the veterans have reached their limit when they see that they are joined by someone who looks like they just left highschool, but when the pilots of the plane stand at attention and salute their superior officer zhang xio hou, the hunters are simply lost for words.

[S3E4] The Curse of the Golden Master

Later on large flames appear on the mountain, mu ning xue tells everyone to calm down as she had dispatched mo fan to yu shishi to burn away any plant that the moths might deem harmful or inedible, until she realizes that the flames are golden color, not mo fan's brown-red. What had happened is that the members of the research society had come back with backup and are burning away the moths in order to get yu shishi to surrender. Mo Fan arrives and uses void magic to teleport yu shishi away and begins fighting the members until mu ning xue arrives. When mo fan believes he has the upperhand, the chinese research society's dog-god arrives and uses a combination of curse, summoning and undead to summon 2 commander level hell hounds. While mo fan keeps 1 busy, mu ning xue manages to freeze the other and mo fan manages to deal heavy injuries with his lightning claws, which forces dog god to retreat along with his hell hounds.

Back at they pyramid, mo fan rejoins the group of on watching blue deacons until blue bat taps him on the shoulder and thanks him for killing purple ghost, stating that unlike him, her soul contract was with purple ghost. While mo fan feigns ignorance, blue bat walks up to unas and suddenly turns into a fountain of all to familiar black blood. While cold jue screams out "salan" and curses her name for her interference in this matter, unas dies from the poisoning and the soul contract on mo fan is lifted. Then he suddenly heard the voice of blue bat in his hears even after she's dead, she tells him that her master is quite grateful for everything that he has done and that she will be waiting to see him after the world turns its back on him. After being mildly annoyed that he was saved by none other than salan. He activates the devil blood.

After all the soldiers have evacuated and the black smoke has dissipated, the undead legions once again bear down upon the wall. But mo fan uses fire magic to single handedly hold all of them off. A medusa, who mo fan identifies as a great monarch, who leads the front, sends some of her subordinate snakes to fight mo fan but they are all killed as well. The medusa then activates her curse and the devil mo fan starts turning to stone. But Mo Fan overpowers the curse and hits the medusa with a flame attack, causing heavy injury and the medusa retreats. Then he sees the sphinx bearing down, but he suddenly stops to a halt, with mo fan believing that he prefers single combat. Then he is faced by the super mummy and his 3000 demi-commander swordsman. While mo fan sends the super mummy a few blows, the demi commanders set themselves up in squads of 100 and put their powers together to form giant black swords. These giant black swords fly towards mo fan with tracking abilities and mo fan deems these swords not inferior to the blows of the sword master yan ji fought in egypt. While mo fan manages to dodge these swords, mo fan is jumped by the sphinx and is dealt a significant injury and the wall is broken through and the undead pour in. Mo Fan then sends an ocean of fire towards the undead with the help of yan ji and begins his assault on the sphinx, to which to everyone's surprise, the sphinx is being pushed back. After sphinx is significantly injured, khufu himself sends an attack from the pyramid towards mo fan and he is defeated.

She asks why he had to do that and that they had something special but he had to go and ruin it. She admits to being a medusa like he guessed and that the medusa that he pulled her out of was in fact her maid. She also says that her initial playing up was part of her fun and that at the time she had just eaten a human and that made her a bit weak and she told the story of the girl she ate, but now that her powers are back there is no way he can beat her. While her eyes are turning golden pink, she tells him not to worry and that she will keep him around as a pet. But before the curse can be completed, her soul is attacked by nine spectral. As the battle rages on, nine spectral tells mo fan that her and she are evenly matched and needs his help to pull off a win by attacking her mind one way or another. Mo Fan states he has no way of doing it, but then nine spectral remembers that he is a summoning mage and tells mo fan to re-paint the mark on her forehead. Mo Fan does this and Apas looses her concentration for a moment and in that moment the nine spectral deals heavy soul damage to apas and collapses. As mo Fan tells his goodbyes to apas, nine spectral prepares to execute apas as she begs for help, but mo fan stops her at the last moment, saying that apas has accepted the contract and that killing her will affect him too.

On the roof, mo fan asks ethan why he is doing all this, ethan replies that this was the only method to have enough mages stationed in cairo to halt the attack of Khavre and that he is fully aware of the sins he's caused, but that because of his rank, no one is willing to drag him to the holy court. Mo Fan says that he will make sure otherwise and tells apas to put a curse on him. She doesn't say a word and walks toward ethan. Ethan calls out mo fan for still not understanding anything, but then apas's eyes turn gold-pink and looks towards ethan. Ethan is shocked and asks what the hell is going on. Apas replies that mo fan is now her master and that she must do what he says. Mo Fan states that the curse he has now received will haunt him with the memories of every depraved thing that the does from now on and that the only cure to the curse is to confess to the holy court of all the crimes he has committed. As Mo Fan leaves, Ethan states that yiddish was correct, mo fan is worse than a natural disaster.

While managing to find out who it was, their butler tells them that they are currently expecting other guests and that they can't be seen now, mu ning xue reveals her identity and the butler goes and double check with his master, who allows them to join their meeting. The trio makes their entrance and finds that the other party in question happens to be tied to the mu family and they don't exactly have good meeting. But mu ning xue manages to make them reveal that they took the heart on behalf of someone else, but for some reason they didn't come to collect it. While they are trying to get them to reveal who they sold the heart to, they suddenly hear a large crashing sound outside, the titan has started her attack. The trio quickly rushes out but find that the only injured is man yan. Man yan states that he manage to buy heidi enough time to teleport away all the civilians and that the rest have gotten closer to the titan and that they should just leave him. Mo fan, mu ning xue and mu bai stand on a rooftop watching the silver moon titan get surrounded by mages of the parthenon, led by a golden sun knight. The golden sun knight releases a super tier wind blade but it doesn't do any damage at at all. He also tries a fire attack but that doesn't work either. They are then interrupted by another golden sun knight, who uses super tier void magic on its head and the head of the titan explodes, killing it instantly. He then flies towards the other golden sun knight and rips his badge of his chest, stating that he has now been demoted to silver moon knight for not being able to do anything about that titan. As they both fly away, the trio are told to get away by a blue star knight, but mo fan first asks who that knight was. The blue star knight awnsers that that was Norman, the adoptive son of Wentai and the adoptive brother of Xin Xia and Azeala.

Mo Fan speaks to ling ling back in town, stating while the snails aren't exactly a huge attacking threat, their shells are comparable to the skin of an evolving warrior and that due to their numbers, nothing short of a squad of super tier mages and the destruction of the lake will get rid of them. Ling Ling states that they may not have to. She says that she has analysed the corpses of the snails along with a lizard that she had bought and that snails are actually a hybrid species of lizards and a type of rock monster. This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that the lifespan of those snails is only a week, so the dominance of these snails is due to mass reproduction alone. The good news is that a king and queen of both species would have to be continually reproducing and so killing just one of them should stop the problem. As she continues to explain, Mo fan sees that ling ling is quite tired and asks her when was the last time she ate or drank something, let alone slept. Ling Ling replies that she doesn't remember. Mo Fan has enough and tries to drag Ling Ling to bed, but she threatens to scream rape and have mo fan tossed in prison. Mo Fan returns fire by threatening to toss her back into middle school, something she rather dreads and she quickly looses the will to fight. After tucking her into bed, ling ling tells mo fan that she has hired 1 team of members consisting of 1-3 star hunting masters and another 10 teams comprised entirely of senior hunter to assist him in finding the king and queen. Then Mo Fan pulls apas out of the contract space and tells her to curse ling ling in case she doesn't want to sleep and leaves for the hunting outpost. 041b061a72


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