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Where Can I Buy Talenti Gelato

The line launched with seven different layer combinations, which made it incredibly hard to pick. So, I picked my favorite gelato bases and ended up with Mint Fudge Cookie (mint gelato, cookie crumbs, fudge sauce, mint gelato, chocolate cookies) and Salted Caramel Truffle (sea salt caramel gelato, chocolate cookies, dulce de leche, vanilla gelato, caramel truffle).

where can i buy talenti gelato

He developed the Talenti jar to replicate the look of a gelato shop display case, using the same widely accepted recyclable material polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE, #1 recycling symbol, used for bottled water) for the jar and polyethylene (#2, same as plastic milk jugs) for the screw-top lid. Current production: about 250,000 Talenti pints per day.

Talenti began in 2003 as a store-front gelateria in Dallas, Texas.[2][3] Founder Josh Hochschuler based his recipe on a traditional Argentine gelato-making method.[2] The gelateria was closed by 2005, and Hochschuler refocused the business as a maker of gelato for sale to restaurants, hotels and eventually grocery stores.[2]

Talenti Peppermint Bark Gelato is a delicious, frozen treat that tastes like winter in a pint. We took white chocolate peppermint gelato and mixed in semi-sweet chocolatey flakes to create our Peppermint Bark Gelato frozen treat. Talenti Peppermint Bark is a seasonal delight and the gelato version of the classic holiday favorite treat. We slowly cook peppermint extract and pieces of 100% white chocolate into milk and cream to create the gelato base, so that every bite has a cool, refreshing taste of pure peppermint. We finish it off with our special semisweet chocolaty flecks for a slight crunch. They\'re flecks, not chips, so that they\'ll melt faster and not get in the way of the smooth and creamy peppermint gelato. Even better, all our frozen desserts are milk-based rather than cream-based, so they are lower in fat. This frozen dairy dessert is made with kosher, Non-GMO Sourced Ingredients. We package it in clear, recyclable, BPA-free jars to keep it fresh and to give you a peek inside. When you\u2019re done, reuse the jar anyway you like.

@Anon: I agree with Dubba, Talenti doesn't tend to have as high of a turn over as the more well known brads so its possible you got a bad pint. Be sure to look out for their new branding as well to ensure you have a fresher pint. Also depending on how cold your freezer is, you might want to let the gelato temper for a few minutes before digging in.

I bought 3 different pints of Talenti Gelato because of rave reviews. I don't care for thetaste or texture of the vanilla, strawberry or tiramisu flavors. There is powdered milk taste and it resembles sherbet more than creamy ice cream. The aftertaste is even worse. I lived in Italy for a year and loved the gelato there. This does not resemble Italian gelato inmy opinion. Sadly, I'm throwing the stuff out. Guess I bought some very expensive screwtop jars!

@dvikib: ummm, were they on sale at least? doesn't sound like it ($4 on the low end, $6 on the high end). Sorry you didnt enjoy them. All I can say is (I mean this nicely, not sarcastically) that when trying a new brand, pick just one pint that seems really up your alley. If it's a huge miss, dont bother with another. If it's close, then pick up another pint of something that also sounds good. I wasn't a huge talenti fan at first, but I dug the difference enough to try a few more until I settled in. Maybe try a store brand gelato from like hannaford / food lion or price chopper? good luck!

If you didn't already know, I am an ice cream enthusiast. However, after I spent the beginning of my summer in Spain, gelato became my new favorite dessert. Gelato is a denser frozen dessert and it contains less air than ice cream which yields the perfect texture and consistency. Because I am now addicted to gelato, I decided to research different types of gelato that I could buy at the supermarket and Talenti Gelato stood out to me.

Talenti Gelato is made with real ingredients such as vanilla beans, raspberry, fresh milk, pure sugar cane, and more. Talenti has over 30 flavors that are BPA free when packaged, which is environmentally friendly. Talenti offers gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, vegetarian, and kosher options. Talenti Gelato is the closest to the kind of gelato you can find on the streets of Italy or Spain.

Talenti imports whole vanilla beans from Madagascar and then blends the beans with milk, sugar, and cream to create an authentic vanilla gelato. Even though this gelato is comprised of delicious vanilla beans, the hint of lemon zest enhances the vanilla flavor. Vanilla beangelato with lemon zest is the perfect combination.

If you love a classic mint flavor, then this will definitely impress. It tastes like fresh mint, in fact, Talenti uses actual mint leaf extracts in the recipe. The small hints of chocolate throughout make this gelato sweet, but not too sweet.

This was a home run. This earns a top spot because the chunks of pie crust and real apple are mixed perfectly with caramel in a vanilla bean base. This flavor is inventive and tastes like an apple pie in gelato form.

Vanilla gelato is combined with creamy peanut butter, gooey fudge, and salty peanut butter covered pretzels. This gelato earns the number one spot because it is truly the best of both worlds. You have the saltiness of the pretzel chunks and the sweetness from the peanut butter and chocolate. It has everything you want and more.

Of all the delicious frozen dessert brands out there, Talenti has always been one of our favorites. It offers at least 45 fabulous flavors, including gelato, gelato layers, gelato pairings, and sorbetto. The brand was founded in the 1990s by Josh Hochschuler, who fell in love with all things gelato when living and working in Argentina. These days, Talenti caters to gelato and sorbetto lovers everywhere, including those with organic, egg-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free dietary preferences. Talenti products are made with high-quality ingredients from around the globe, using inspired recipes and a unique slow-cooking process to maximize flavor potential.

If you enjoy coconut but don't feel like getting hit over the head with it, you may want to try Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato. This straightforward gelato variety combines coconut with milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla to create a mild and milky coconut flavor.

The newly named Pacific Coast Pistachio flavor, formerly known as Sicilian Pistachio, uses the same tried-and-true recipe as ever, but now with California pistachios. Like other Talenti gelato flavors, the base offers a lovely, creamy texture. In this case, pistachio pieces are added for a chunky contrast. They may also help boost the actual pistachio flavor, but even so, the pistachio flavor is too mild to enable this flavor to climb very far up our rankings.

Although it does not compete with some of our top-ranked flavors, anyone who likes berry crumble or pie a la mode will probably enjoy a scoop of Black Raspberry Vanilla Parfait, a Talenti Layers product. (That being said, berry dessert-lovers may also want to try our recipe for Southern Blackberry Cobbler.) Black Raspberry Vanilla Parfait combines gelato, sauce, and crunchy elements. From top to bottom, its five layers include black raspberry gelato (made from Pacific Northwest black raspberry puree), oat crisp (similar to crumbled oatmeal cookies), blueberry sauce (made from domestic blueberries), vanilla gelato, and more oats crisp.

If you've never tried bourbon and chocolate together, Talenti's Bourbon Fudge Brownie provides the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons. Introduced in March 2022 as part of a new line of gelato and sorbetto pairings (per Brand Eating), Bourbon Fudge Brownie combines two different flavors of gelato: Belgian chocolate and oak-aged bourbon coupled with small brownie chunks and dark fudge.

There's no need to wait until Thanksgiving to experience the taste of pumpkin pie. While this gelato flavor may not be for everyone, Talenti's layered Pumpkin Pie tastes almost exactly like our favorite autumnal treat. In every pint, you'll find layers of pumpkin gelato, pie crust pieces, brown sugar sauce, more pumpkin gelato, and more pie crust pieces.

Let's start by saying how much we really love the concept: vanilla gelato with chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge swirls. Yum, right? Unfortunately, though offering so much promise, the flavor ultimately falls short of all that it could be.

Ah, how we love Talenti's chocolate chip gelatos. In the case of Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, a plethora of decadent chocolaty chips are well-dispersed through a creamy base of black raspberry gelato. The Oregon-grown raspberries used in this gelato are cultivated on a father-daughter-run farm. While black raspberries may grow wild in other states, 99% of the commercial harvest is grown in Oregon, according to Oregon Raspberries & Blueberries. 041b061a72


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