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Theodore Thompson

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This is an interesting lawsuit because to be fair the bottle does clearly say it does not contain preservatives and the citric acid, though also listed on the label is in fact a preservative, however it also seems reasonable to expect consumers to be aware that black tea requires a preservative to be bottled. if they removed the citric acid, the bottled tea would mold and become dangerous to drink. Those who wish to avoid chemicals usually brew their own at home, and even then you are probably consuming chemicals as almost all teas labeled organic or natural contain pesticide, colorants, and flavorings. Tea is not a product you can ever guarantee quality of unless you know for certain how it is grown, and packaged. Perhaps this suit will shine a bit of attention to this industry, as many who want to be healthy and seek the benefit of tea, all very much want just the natural tea, and it seems very difficult to acquire a truly pure product.

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