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"Womenand girls over 12 years of agehave to wear the barqa and areforbidden to go to school, workoutside the home or leave thehome without a male relative.White socks, music, fashionmagazines, playing drums, cameras,photographs and video cassettesare not allowed.Homes where women live musthave their windows painted opaqueto hide the women from view.Women who disobey any of therules of dress or behavior canbe beaten in the street andimprisioned." This is just horrible!!! Isthere anything I can do? I amnot sure what to do, but thereis this big piece of me thatjust wants to go rescue allof them! I know that's not possible,but I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me back witha suggestion or write somethingup about it or something becausethis is just not right!!! Thanksfor your time!! - Kiley

If you want to protect your body from injuries and make the most of your runs, you might want to pick up some compression socks. Made with a variety of textiles, like cotton, spandex, and nylon, compression socks help increase circulation and reportedly minimizes soreness.

Unlike other options, which hit your mid-calves or ankles, these socks rest nicely below the knee so they'll help keep calf cramps and shin splints at bay. There's additional support around the toes and heels, which is ideal for running on a rough terrain.

According to the company, these socks are perfect for frequent flyers, anyone who spends the day on their feet, and yes, avid runners. While more serious foot conditions require a trip to the doctor, these compression socks might be just the thing to alleviate some aches and pains, or give you the support you're feet are craving.

I study majority-white politically progressive community groups to learn about what people with social power and a desire for urban transformation are doing with and through art. For one particular comparative ethnographic project, my fieldwork took place over the course of 8 years with three different US nonprofits in the same metropolitan area. All three organizations highlight the importance of arts and culture spaces to urban transformation, beyond dollars and sense. I research the experience of community that hands-on arts participation enables.

Groups (called pods) include prison abolitionists; dog-walkers; an interfaith group; recovery houses; after-school programs; ethnic cultural organizations; and more, including my own group of Radical Cheerleaders. There are about a dozen of us assembled this morning, and to any passer-by we all appear to be young white women, in our teens and twenties, with a fair amount of visible body piercings and tattoos. 041b061a72


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