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B H Photo, A Great Place To Buy A Camera 2021

So, without further delay, here is our list of the top six (in alphabetical order) places to look at when seeking out your next piece of gear. Obviously, all these places offer gear well beyond just cameras and lenses too!

B H Photo, A Great Place to Buy a Camera

eBay is where you stand to get the best possible price and have the largest variety of options at any given time for any given item. For some items, namely vintage lenses, cameras, and accessories as well as rare or niche items, eBay may be the only place where you stand a chance to find what you are looking for.

One of the best places to buy used camera lenses is KEH Camera. The company was founded in 1979 and has one of the most successful online photography stores in the US. They offer international shipping, and you can even send your used lenses to KEH (provided that the value is over $300).

MPB is a photography specialist that deals extensively in used gear. This includes cameras, lenses, lighting, and more. Their lens range is extensive, and you can easily find lenses by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Leica, and Olympus. They offer a particularly large selection of great used Canon lenses (with over 2600 items available!).

B&H Photo Video is one of the best places to buy used camera lenses online; the company features a dedicated website section that displays different used lens categories. This includes DSLR and mirrorless lenses, as well as lens accessories.

If you live outside the US, Amazon is an outstanding place to buy used camera lenses. Amazon operates in many countries and has an extensive delivery network that offers some of the fastest delivery times and prices on the market.

One of the best places to buy used camera lenses for UK customers is Jessops. The company is one of the best-known photography retailers in the UK and offers physical store locations as well as an extensive online store.

DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras largely replaced film-based SLRs during the 2000s. DSLRs are the most advanced and versatile cameras available to consumers today. They give you the most control over how your pictures are taken, and are thus meant for more serious amateur photographers and professionals. DSLRs allow you complete control over exposure settings, including aperture priority, shutter priority, and various program modes. Their fast autofocus produces great shots when shooting fast-moving subjects or scenes. They also utilize an interchangeable lens system, enabling photographers to use the most appropriate lens for whatever they are shooting. Finally, DSLRs have large sensors, which generally produce higher-quality images. Learn More About DSLRs.

The range of photographic equipment on MPB is vast. They are thousands of items passing through the marketplace every month. In addition to used cameras, they sell accessories like filters, camera batteries, and memory cards.

Finally, selling our used cameras and photography great is good for the planet. Reusing equipment and letting it have a second or third life helps reduce the amount of new cameras that need to be manufactured.

The Facebook Marketplace is basically the same as a classified listing service. There are no fees for listing your camera equipment, although you do have the option to promote your product for a fee, using the Facebook advertising system.

I hope you now have a better idea if KEH Camera is the right place to buy or sell your next camera. There are pros and cons to their service, but in general, I had a positive experience with both processes.

While I was living in the UK before I turned pro, the best place to buy cameras for me was a well-established department store called John Lewis. They offered price matching, free extended warranties, and the best customer service of any UK camera retailer.

After interviewing a handful of photographer friends who live in Europe and the US, I can completely understand why they feel that Amazon is the best place to buy cameras (especially disposable cameras).

If you're looking for the best camera deals across the internet, we are constantly searching the world wide web for the best savings possible. Many of the main retailers offer great discounts and some are releasing daily deals, so check back here regularly for the best prices!

Canon EOS R10 Content creator kit$1,299$1,199 (opens in new tab)SAVE $100 If you're a content creator or Youtuber wanting a new camera that can do it all, this kit offers a microphone, vlogging-inspired tripod, as well as 18-45mm lens - 24mp stills, 4K video, this is a great present to yourself or the content creator in your life.

Canon EOS R10$979$879 (opens in new tab)SAVE $100 at Adorama The latest is the Mirrorless R lineup from Canon, the R10 features a 24.2mp APS-C CMOS Sensor with can capture still at 23fps via its electronic shutter, or 15fps via its mechanical one. The R10 can also shoot 4K video at 30fps or at 60FPS with a crop. This is a great camera for anyone wanting a camera that can do stills and video well.

Panasonic Lumix G9$1,297.99now $997.99 (opens in new tab)SAVE $300 at B&H If you're looking for a camera that can deliver 20.3MP stills, UDH 4K/60fps video, along with 5-axis sensor stabilization, and an 80MP high-res option. This is a great buy for those looking for a great camera that can do it all at a great price.

Panasonic Lumix GH5 II$1,697.99now $1,397.99 (opens in new tab)SAVE $300 at B&H If you're looking to upgrade your video game this holiday season then this deal on the Panasonic Lumix GH5 II is a great choice. With DCI and UHD 4K video capabilities, along with the ability to take 20.3MP stills - this is a great camera to advance your career in content creation.

Panasonic Lumix G95 + 12-60mm$997.99$697.99 (opens in new tab)SAVE $300 at B&H If you're looking for a capable Micro Four Thirds camera with 20.3MP that's perfect to cover landscapes, sports, portraiture, and more the G96 with 12-60mm lens from Panasonic is a great choice for those wanting high specs, without the bulk of a DSLR.

Panasonic Lumix FZ2500$997.99$947.99 (opens in new tab)SAVE $50 at B&H With a 20.1MP 1-inch sensor, and a 24-480mm equivalent lens, this is a great all-in-one camera.

Kodak Ektar H35 $59.99 $49.99 (opens in new tab)SAVE $10 Grab this awesome half-frame film camera that gets you 72 shots per roll of 35mm film, this camera has only just been launched so it is great to grab a cheeky discount while you can!

GoPro Hero11 Black + GoPro subscription: $349.98 (opens in new tab)Save $200 at GoPro This incredible gets you this similarly incredible deal on the new flagship model in the GoPro range, with its larger, squarer 27 megapixel sensor. If you take out the GoPro Subscription trial you save $200. The free trial of GoPro's VIP subscription service gets you unlimited cloud storage for your footage, discounts on accessories, and a camera replacement service.

When is the best time to buy a camera? In reality, there is no 'one best time,' but if you want to save money (and who doesn't?), there are certainly some great sales and events to keep your eye out for throughout the year. As a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis, our budgets are tighter than ever and we are unsurprisingly less keen to part with our cash.

Knowing when the best sales occur throughout the year can be really beneficial when you're looking to buy a camera. There's nothing worse than making a big purchase and then discovering it's on sale days after you purchased it. If you're new to photography, you might not want to splash the cash straight away. Waiting for sales is a great way to pick up equipment for less than the recommended retail price. The most significant sales events to be aware of throughout the year are:

Another great time and place to purchase cameras, lenses, and other accessories for discounted prices are at photography shows and conventions. You can often try out any gear you want to add to your kit at these events. There are a lot of different camera retailers under one roof, and they all want to sell you something. Generally, the retailers offer competitive prices to encourage you to spend your money with them.

The January Consumer Electronics Show is usually where new camera releases are first announced, with the release dates being some time in February. Keep your eyes peeled around this time, as there's a good chance you'll find a great bargain with the older models being reduced in price. The second-hand market will also likely reflect that price drop when new models come out.

Talking to your local community photography groups can be another great way to find discounts. If you know any photographers, or your friends and family are also into photography, not only can you ask them for recommendations of kit and where they find discounts, but if they are planning on upgrading their own cameras, they may well want to sell their current gear to you for an attractive price.

There are some caveats to this, though. It goes without saying that you need to make sure all components of the camera are in good condition and in full working order. If you're buying directly from another person on an auction website like eBay, or on Facebook Marketplace, ask to see footage of the camera in working order and how it writes to the disk, etc. The risk of buying from a private seller is that there are no guarantees or warranties in place should the camera malfunction, which could leave you out of pocket.

The astronomy classifieds are a great place to find used telescopes and other astronomy and photography equipment. I have purchased many items from the amateur astronomy community, including most of my first complete deep-sky astrophotography rig.


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