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Nolan Garcia

Maltego 3 License

Application to the Maltego Academic and Non-Profit Program was open from March 8 to May 31, 2022. If you have critical projects that need our support, please reach out to and share the project detail with us.

Maltego 3 License

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Information Exposure when using MISP-maltego as remote transform server. The transform server would cache the MISP credentials of the first user connected, and provide access to that MISP instance for any later user.

While conducting an OSINT investigation, it's important to be able to pull in information based on any clue you uncover. In particular, license plate information can turn up everywhere, from photos to live data to on your own street. You could use that data to find the VIN, see if a Tinder date has hit anyone, find out who's blocking your driveway, and so on. Skiptracer can help get the ball rolling.

Now, once you have the U.S. license plate number and state of the vehicle you want to conduct an OSINT investigation on, you could start plugging the data into websites online. Still, most of them will try and charge you hefty fees to access any information. That's why Skiptracer is an excellent tool to use, as it queries a bunch of APIs to see if it can find free information from the best sources that are available.

If you're looking for other information, there are other useful modules included in Skiptracer. For example, if you have a specific screen name you're looking for, it's easy to use the ScreenName module and run it against "All." It'll do the work for you, looking for accounts online that use that screen name. So if you need to do a quick profile on someone, or if you have a U.S. license plate to scan, either one of these modules will work just fine.


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