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Acca - Primus 31

Acca - Primus 31

Acca is a software company that specializes in developing solutions for the construction industry. One of their products is PriMus, a software for computing and accounting works. PriMus is the most used software by Italian technicians for estimating and managing projects, from design to execution. PriMus has been updated to the latest version, PriMus 31, which offers new features and improvements.

What is PriMus?

PriMus is a software that allows you to create and manage all the documents related to computing and accounting works, such as:

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  • Computo metrico estimativo (CME), which is a document that contains the detailed description, measurement and estimation of the works to be performed.

  • Analisi prezzi (AP), which is a document that contains the breakdown of the unit prices of the works, including materials, labor, equipment and overheads.

  • Cronoprogramma lavori (CL), which is a document that contains the schedule of the works, with the start and end dates, durations and dependencies of each activity.

  • Direzione lavori (DL), which is a document that contains the supervision and control of the works, with the verification of the quality, quantity and conformity of the works.

  • Contabilità lavori (CL), which is a document that contains the accounting of the works, with the registration of the payments, invoices, variations and final balance.

PriMus allows you to create and manage these documents in an integrated way, using a single file that contains all the data and information. PriMus also allows you to import and export data from other formats, such as Excel, Word, DCF, DXF, DWG and IFC. PriMus is compatible with the Italian norms and regulations, such as the Codice Appalti (Public Procurement Code) and the UNI standards.

What are the benefits of PriMus 31?

PriMus 31 is the latest version of PriMus, which introduces new features and improvements to make your work easier and faster. Some of the benefits of PriMus 31 are:

  • You can access Prezzari-net, an online database with over 10 million items of price lists and price books, updated by Acca and other sources. You can drag and drop items from Prezzari-net to your CME or AP with ease.

  • You can use PriMus online and PriMus Classic, cloud-based applications that allow you to use PriMus on any browser and device. You can also integrate PriMus with usBIM, a cloud platform for managing BIM projects.

  • You can measure directly from DXF/DWG drawings or IFC models. You can link your CME to CAD drawings or BIM models and automatically update your measurements when you modify your drawings or models.

  • You can customize your documents with advanced printing options. You can write directly on your documents with spelling checkers and edit your text and layout on your worksheet.

PriMus 31 also offers other features, such as automatic calculation of safety costs, offer preparation, variation management, progress reports, digital signature and more.

How to get PriMus 31?

If you are interested in getting PriMus 31, you have several options:

  • You can use PriMus for free for 30 days by downloading it from [Acca's website].

  • You can buy PriMus 31 with a one-time payment or in 5 interest-free installments from [Acca's website].

You can subscribe to PriMus online or PriMus Classic with a monthly or annual fee from [usBIM's website](

If you need more information or assistance, you can contact Acca's customer service by phone or email or request a callback from their website.


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