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Fagor Eco Plus Fa 15-20 Manual

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Fagor Eco Plus Fa 15-20: A User-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Boiler

The Fagor Eco Plus Fa 15-20 is a gas-fired boiler that provides domestic hot water and central heating. It is designed to be easy to use, install and maintain, as well as to save energy and reduce emissions. Here are some of the features and benefits of this boiler, as well as some tips on how to use it safely and efficiently.

Features and Benefits

The boiler has a digital display that shows the temperature, pressure, operating mode and fault codes.

The boiler has a modulating burner that adjusts the gas flow according to the heat demand, resulting in lower gas consumption and lower noise levels.

The boiler has an electronic ignition system that eliminates the need for a pilot light, saving gas and increasing safety.

The boiler has a frost protection device that prevents the boiler from freezing when the temperature drops below 5ÂC.

The boiler has a safety valve that releases excess pressure from the system if it exceeds 3 bar.

The boiler has an anti-lock device that prevents the pump from seizing when not in use for a long time.

The boiler has a flue gas analysis device that monitors the combustion efficiency and alerts the user if it needs adjustment.

How to Use the Boiler Safely and Efficiently

Read the user instructions carefully before using the boiler and follow them at all times.

Do not touch any hot surfaces or pipes on or near the boiler.

Do not block or cover the air vents or flue terminals of the boiler.

Do not store flammable materials or liquids near the boiler.

Do not modify or repair the boiler yourself. Contact a qualified service engineer if you need any assistance.

Have the boiler serviced annually by a qualified service engineer to ensure its proper functioning and safety.

Set the thermostat and timer according to your needs and preferences. Avoid overheating or underheating your home.

Use the eco mode to reduce the water temperature and save energy when you do not need hot water.

Use the summer mode to switch off the central heating and use only hot water when you do not need heating.

Use the anti-frost mode to protect the boiler from freezing when you are away for a long time in winter.

How to Install the Boiler

The boiler should be installed by a qualified installer who follows the installation instructions and the relevant regulations and standards. The boiler should be installed in a well-ventilated and accessible location, away from sources of heat, moisture and vibration. The boiler should be connected to a suitable gas supply, water supply, electrical supply and drainage system. The boiler should be fitted with a balanced flue system that discharges the flue gases safely to the outside. The boiler should be tested and commissioned by the installer before use.

How to Troubleshoot the Boiler

The boiler has a self-diagnostic system that displays fault codes on the digital display in case of a malfunction. The fault codes indicate the nature and location of the problem and help the user or the service engineer to identify and resolve it. Some of the common fault codes and their meanings are:

CodeMeaningPossible CausePossible Solution

F0No flame detectedGas supply failure, ignition failure, flame sensor failureCheck gas supply, check ignition system, check flame sensor, contact service engineer

F1Low water pressureWater leak, air in system, pressure relief valve activatedCheck for leaks, bleed radiators, refill system, check pressure relief valve, contact service engineer

F2OverheatingPump failure, air in system, blocked heat exchangerCheck pump operation, bleed system, check heat exchanger, contact service engineer

F3Fan failureFan blocked, fan faulty, fan wiring faultyCheck fan operation, check fan wiring, contact service engineer

F4Flue gas analysis failureFlue gas analysis device faulty, flue gas analysis device wiring faulty, flue gas analysis device needs adjustmentCheck flue gas analysis device operation, check flue ga


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