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How To Play Spotify Playlists On Shuffle With Google Home [UPDATED]

There is a variety of other more advanced commands to use on Google Home for Spotify. For one, you can like and dislike various songs, playlists, albums, and artists. You can go back to the previous song, skip forward a number of seconds, shuffle a playlist, play a song again, and loop an entire playlist. Here are some of the commands that you might find useful:

How to Play Spotify Playlists on Shuffle with Google Home

The Free account is different from device to device. For example, using the Free subscription on a desktop device will play any song you want to, but the ads will still be there. On the other hand, using Spotify Free on a mobile/tablet app will shuffle your songs and playlists, in addition to the annoying ads.

I have been attempting to use Google Assistant to shuffle my Spotify playlist for a while now. I know that Google understands my command because when I say "Ok Google, shuffle [name of playlist]", Google Assistant responds "Ok, I'll shuffle your playlist [name of playlist]". But then when the playlist starts playing, it is not shuffled and just plays from the beginning and in order. I believe that this is a bug with Spotify because Google seems to understand the command and have the correct intent and Spotify just has the incorrect behaviour. I have a Spotify premium account and believe that this should work.

And following that it just plays the first song. Not too big a deal. But no matter how the song switches (first song ends, I click 'next' in spotify, I say "ok google next song", or whater) it always just plays the playlist in order. No shuffling.

Same, tried everything. Google even replies with "Ok shuffling playlist..." but it doesn't. I have to ask it again after or set it through the phone. This is a recent regression as I do this every day and only recently started not working. Same thing happens in android auto so its not just google assistant/home.

As mentioned by djaani, If i say "Play on shuffle", it responds with "Ok playing on spotify" and it does not shuffle. If I say "Shuffle my Playlist" then it responds with "Ok shuffling your spotify playlist called " but again still doesn't shuffle

If I ask my google speakers to play my playlist on shuffle everything works fine. But if I paus the music and then continue after a while when Spotify has disconnected from google home by asking google to "play music", it continues exactly where I left it but with suffle turned off. This wasn't a problem before this thread and I fairly sure that it worked after the fix to the main problem in this thread and only started to act weird within the last week or two.

Firstly, it should be noted that if you don't have Spotify Premium and are using the mobile app, some playlists can only be played in shuffle mode. You can tell which playlists these are beecause they'll start with a listing of who the playlist "features."

Google Home knows your Spotify playlists, so you can say, "OK, Google, play my party playlist" or "OK Google, play Discover Weekly." I love being able to queue up my Discovery Weekly playlist each week using Google Home, but I have less luck with getting it to play the Daily Mix playlists that Spotify throws together each day. Google Home seemingly understands my command to "Play my Daily Mix 3" playlist, for example, but the Daily Mix playlists that Google Home queues up never match the Daily Mix playlists in my Spotify app.

Not here to offer a solution but to say I'm having exactly the same problem with my 1st gen speakers. It used to work but not any more. I can cast the playlist from the spotify app on android no problem but the voice interface in the home devide tells me the playlist isn't available right now or can't be found. It finds my Spotify liked songs fine though.

Typing the playlist name into the assistant app on android works for me as well, thanks for that tip! (e.g: "play " works) as does "play on " - I have spotify set as my default music provider. But it's the voice recognition that just doesn't work for me and only with playlists.

If I say exactly the same words that I typed (both versions above) then google assistant doesn't recognise it and either plays some other playlist, an album, or a piece of music not even vaguely with a title remotely similar. I even went through voice recognition set up again just in case it's finding it difficult to understand my voice but the same results happen.

What is strange is, a couple of weeks ago, if I used the prefix "my" google assistant would select playlists from my library, but if you didn't use my it would pick something fairly random (but similarish). But now just appears to be ignoring the "my". So like you said it seems that Google Assistant no longer support the command my.

I recreated two of my most problematic playlists (one called "electropop 2021" and one called "Christmas acoustic 2021") in Youtube. I also made sure that there were enough other public playlists with similar names on Youtube music, since it's possible that Google's voice search is confusing personalized content with public content, and the public content on YT music is different from that of Spotify. In both cases, there are similarly named playlists.

The result? Youtube Music works beautifully. If I say "Hey Google, play my electropop 2021 playlist on Youtube Music" it responds with "OK, playing your electropop 2021 playlist" and indeed plays the right playlist. If I loosen the request and don't use the "my" keyword, it still works. I said, "Hey Google, play electropop 2021" and it preferred my personal playlist as opposed to the public playlists with similar names. To me, this points to Spotify being the problem. Perhaps there was a change in Google's API or crawler of Spotify's playlist feed, but either way, Google can't seem to prioritize personal content from Spotify, and this appears to be localized to Spotify and Google.

If I have have Spotify family and create my child her own spotify account, how would I go about getting a Google routine to play music from her account and not mine. She cannot talk, so cannot ativate the routine with her voice.

There are unfortunately many potential causes for this Google Home behaviour. Maybe this lengthy thread from Google Home Support can help (also to save some time with Googles support): !topic/googlehome/8UOFTTHAI8g

Once you've linked your Spotify account to your Google Home or Nest speakers and displays, you can ask it to play your favorite songs, artists, albums, and playlists by using voice commands. You can also control the Spotify app on your Android device with Google Assistant.

If you have Spotify Free and ask Google Assistant to play a particular song, artist, or album, Spotify will start a station of songs inspired by the item. If you request a playlist, the music will start playing in shuffle mode. You can also ask Spotify to play music based on genre, mood, or activity, and you can ask for Spotify-curated playlists on a free account.

just wondering how to make spotify cast to my google home devices:? I have a Media Control Card Configuration setup and it shows my current spotfiy song playing etc just no way to select where to cast it too

Okay I did that but its the part on where I use that code I am new to this so I appreciate your time, I am trying todo something like this so I can control spotify in each room of my house through a google home mini.

I have that installed and it works just cannot select where to stream too (my Google mini) only way it works is if I open spotify on my phone and stream to the google home and then it shows up here but I wanna not have to use my phone

Major platforms usually have personalized playlists and radios. These playlists are tailor-made for you, based on the music that you listen to most often. You can also play them with a simple voice command.

All premium streaming platforms linked with Google Home allow you to create personal playlists and play them with voice commands. However, you need to pay some money and live in a country that supports at least one of the said services.

You can also switch between devices seamlessly. Were you listening to Spotify through your headphones on your way home? Once you've walked through the door, simply select your Spotify Connect-compatible stereo system in the app and the song will carry on playing through your speakers without having to pause or restart it. If it's non-stop music you want, you've got it.

From there, you can add music to a new playlist or a previously created playlist. Of course, you can also build playlists in Spotify and other compatible music streaming services that can be linked with Google home.

YouTube Music just refreshed the user interface for playlists, seemingly taking away the ability to shuffle the songs in your playlists. While the update has been rolling out for months, you might just be getting the updated look on your smartphone, and there's no giant "Shuffle" button like there was before. But that doesn't mean there's no more shuffling.

Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker and it can stream music directly from the cloud. You can access songs, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts from your favorite music services with just your voice. Google Home was previously able to work with Google Play Music, YouTube Music Premium or Spotify account. And Google added support for Deezer Premium and Spotify Free, and free YouTube Music.

Google Home uses Google Play Music as its default music player. Although you are able to change the default Music Player on Google Home to Spotify, you may run into problem when you are using, like 'Spotify not playing on my Google Home', 'Spotify won't connect to google home', 'Spotify free users can only play music in shuffle mode'...

To listen to Spotify offline via Google Nest without using Premium, it is inevitable that you will have to download Spotify playlists to your local device. Here, AudKit SpotiLab Music Converter is the best helper for you. With built-in professional functions, this tool is able to download and convert Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, AAC, and other most-used output formats.


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