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Using JUMBOmail, you can send up to 2GB of files for free. For a one-time delivery of files larger than that, you can use JUMBOcodes, a unique Pay-As-You-Go service that allows you to transfer files up to 20GB per delivery. All subscribers can send up to 250GB per transfer. Business users are absolutely unlimited! Send as many times as you want and enjoy additional benefits such as long-term storage, personal branding, and more advanced features.

No, you don't have to install any software to send or download files! With JUMBOmail you only have to complete the necessary fields in the sent form and select the files you want to transfer. If you want, you can add a subject to the email and a personal message so that when the recipients receive the email with the link to download the large files they know what it is about.

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When sending files via JUMBOmail they are available for 7 days. After which they expire and are deleted from our servers automatically. Once they are removed, it is no longer possible to download or restore them. If that's too short, you can use a JUMBOcode for keeping your delivery for 6 months, or as a subscriber, you can save every transfer you want unlimitedly.

To download or transfer large files online with JUMBOmail you don't have to register or have a user account. It is totally free! Registered users can track and manage their transfers, add personal signature to their sent mails, mange collections, add comments, select if to remove files immediately without waiting 7 days, track download events, and mange contacts. And yes, registration is completely free and you can use your Facebook or Google account to fast connect. 041b061a72


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