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Kamal Kornilov

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The routine begins with candy-covered pink hills that change color to the beat of the song, a white path can be seen in the distance, and the sky is a gradient of blue and white. During the verses, cakes, donuts, orange-like lollipops and heart-shaped clouds popped out in the background, which move to the rhythm of the song. Some colored candies also fly up to the sky. In the chorus, the sky changes to pink and the hills change to yellow. On the hills, there are red and yellow candies with white stripes, trays with cupcakes on top, and chocolate covered sticks. The clouds now sometimes change into star-shaped. Similar to the verses, the objects move to the rhythm and the candies fly up to the sky. In the bridge, the background is a cluster of blue clouds, a cloud with a spinning star shape can be seen in the center and lollipops can be seen at the sides. When the text says "Ooh baby you left me tingling", the sky changes to a gradient of turquoise and white, and popsicles and ice creams appear in the back. Under the coaches there is a strawberry cake with cream, and like in the other parts of the song, there are star-shaped clouds. When the last chorus begins, the coaches are in the background as the previous choruses, but the colors take on fluorescent hues like purple, pink, blue, and yellow, with disco lights shining. During the outro, the dancers return to the background with the clouds and the lollipops with fluorescent colors. The clouds are purple, the star-shaped cloud is yellow, the lollipops are pink, blue and white, and some white particles move towards the viewer.

Kim Petras Turn Off The Lights 3 Scrapped Conce...



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